Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Year 12 Examinations
Our Year 12 students are now into their final week of formal classes and both the end of year celebrations and impending exams are looming on the near horizon. I’ve been pleased to see the way in which our Year 12s have had their heads down, and their efforts up over the past week. I suspect part of this is normal levels of focus on the exams, but I suspect also that part is the effect of some practice exam scores that were not perhaps where students wanted them to be. This wake-up call is an important reason that we conduct practice exams at the College, and I urge all families of Year 12 students to discuss the practice exam results with them, and help them to highlight those areas on which they need to work.

All information about VCAA examination timetables has gone to students studying a Unit 3&4 subject some time ago. You are able to check the VCAA exam timetable on their website. If we could ask your help please in making sure your son or daughter has a clear, organised calendar for studying, with their exam sessions marked clearly on it, and to help ensure that students arrive on time, with the necessary materials, and having eaten. These things will help ensure that all of the student’s good work through the year can be fully utilised in the exam.

Subjects for 2017
A number of students have started asking about their subject allocations for 2017. We are well on the way to having a timetable, and class and teacher allocations, but you will appreciate the complexity of this process in a school the size of ours. So, student subject allocations will be given to students during next few weeks, well before the ‘Step-Up’ program for 2017 which begins on Monday 21 November.

Students will be able to apply for a subject change in the two weeks after subject confirmations are given out. I will advise the process for this early next term. In the meantime, I or the campus directors are very happy to speak to you if you have any questions about subjects for 2017.

Michael Horne
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching