Deputy Principal - Students

Student Leadership 2017

It has been a privilege over the last week to interview candidates for College Captain and Bosco Captain for 2017. Thirteen students applied for the position of College Captain.  Student should be proud of how they not only presented in the interview, but how they were able to articulate a vision for the position and the school. Some of questions were:

Why do you want to be School Captain?

What do you think you can add to the role? - What personal qualities would you bring to the role?

What do you think the school can do better?

How do you cope with stress?

Who is someone who you admire and why?

How could we support you in 2017 if you were selected to be School Captain?

What are some ideas for the new role of Bosco Captain?

Post the interview the student had the opportunity to have lunch with Mr. Brockhus and were able to share thoughts, reflections and vision for the school.  For now it is a waiting game for these students as the College conducts interviews for House Captains, and Student Action Team (SAT) captains: Arts, Liturgy, Sport, Learning, Sacred Earth and Justice.  Announcement of the College Captain will be made at an Assembly on October 12. 

Savio Leadership selection will take place in Term IV, with Mazzarello late term IV or early Term I in 2017.

Summer Uniform:

A reminder that it is full summer uniform for all students day 1 of Term 4.  Please check the following before students come back next term:

  • Knee length for the school dress
  • Hair is of an appropriate length and style (no dreadlocks)
  • No facial piercing
  • Tee shirts are not to be seen under the boy’s shirt.
  • All males are to clean shaven at all times
  • Jumper is not to be the outer garment worn to and from school- it is the Blazer, or simply shirt or dress.

Wearing the uniform correctly
The College expects students to be well groomed at all times when wearing the College uniform. If an item of uniform is in needs to be repaired or is unavailable, an alternative is to be worn and a signed note from a parent or guardian explaining the reason is to be given to your House Leader during morning Homeroom. Sports uniform is not to be worn as an alternative. Repeated breech of uniform expectations will see students removed from normal classes and College Events or sent home to correct the issue where appropriate.

Students are not permitted to wear visible make-up or jewellery other than plain small silver or gold studs for pierced ears (no jewels). Bracelets and rings must not be worn. Only one stud per ear is permitted. No other visible piercing of any form is permitted. Clear plastic plugs or band-aid coverings are not acceptable. Coloured nail polish/nail extensions are not to be worn. Students who wear Jewellery to school will have it confiscated.  The Jewellery will be placed in a safe to be collected at the end of term, or collected by a parent/ guardian during the term (advanced notice to the College is required for this so that Jewellery can be placed at Reception in the Mansion)