Technology News

Our Technology classrooms (or workshops) are always buzzing with activity, creativity and excitement. We have had great success with the introduction of a new subject ROBOTICS in year seven. In Robotics students learn how to program a little Edison robot to move, follow race tracks and even dance! The Year 7s have really taken a liking to robotics with some students even engaging in holiday workshops and competing in out of school competitions in their new found passion. 


Down at the Wood Tech workshop students have been busy implementing design with a focus on sustainability. At Salesian College we are not going to settle for the classic bird house. Instead the Year 9s have designed and constructed their own Bee Hotels. This is to help the native bees that struggle to survive in our modern gardens. The Bee Hotels also had to be made out of mostly recycled materials which has really encouraged creative thinking. The Year 8s are using their imagination to embellish and construct a sliding lid box. Whilst doing this they are learning the safety requirements of the workshop and how to safely use different hand tools.

There is always a delicious scent coming from the Food Tech kitchens where students learn life skills; important lessons about food preparation and nutrition. Students are given a brief outlining the constraints and then are able to use their knowledge and creativity to create their own meals. The Year 11s have been set a challenge to design a healthy 20 minute dinner; perfect for cooking after school on a week night!


The Multimedia students have been putting the 3D printer to work to make small ornaments, jewellery and desk organisers. They have had to do all the design work and development using design software and are creating some really cool stuff!


In IT Software and Development the VCE students have put many hours into designing, developing and programming new software based on requirements set from a real client. Some creating programs for a small business or football club; John from Year 11 says “It’s good, they are skills we can take with us in life.”

Earlier this term the VCE Textiles students went on an excursion to the 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibition at the NGV to gain an appreciation of the history of Australian fashion and designers. They also collected a lot of inspiration for their portfolios. The Year 12s are currently working overtime (including coming in on weekends) to complete their unique garments that they have spent all year researching, trialling and designing. Their hard work and dedication can be seen in the quality of their work.

On behalf of all the Technology Teachers and Assistants we are so proud of the achievements and creativity of our students – Keep up the awesome work!