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Mazzarello Campus Melbourne City Experience Term 4

In Year 9 during 2016 students will have community service as a strong focus.  They will be challenged to research and become familiar with the teachings and actions of Jesus and the Catholic Church.  They will discover the social issues confronting Australia today particularly as they apply to us locally in Melbourne and Sunbury.  They will be asked to get involved through practical support, awareness-raising, fundraising and personal commitment throughout the year to a particular organization.

Further addressing the needs of our local community the Challenge program is to explore the wider communities of our College. Students are to be provided with opportunities to investigate our capital city of Melbourne. This is to form the second component of the Community aspect of the Challenge Program.

The Melbourne City Experience program is designed to respond to the learning and [city experience scr1] social needs of young people at a time when they are navigating their way to adulthood. The City Experience will challenge students’ personal and academic development. It will offer a wonderful opportunity for students to be active citizens and understand the value of self-direction and responsibility as key steps towards greater maturity and life-long learning.

The City Experience gives students the opportunity to undertake action-based research linked to aspects of the city of Melbourne. This research forms part of the core curriculum in World of Ideas, Science and Mathematics and culminates in a presentation night to College staff and parents.

Families will receive a Care Monkey eForm detailing the dates, times and further information over the next week. Students are encouraged to discuss this opportunity with family members. Should there be any further enquiries or question please do not hesitate to contact the Mazzarello Campus on 97440086 or email homeroom teachers directly?

Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director