Savio Campus News

Student Achievement
At our recent assembly we congratulated the following students on their achievements.

Corriedale Sheep Scholarships for 2016 were awarded to:  
Helena Broders
Bailey Meneghetti
Charles Agius
Nikyah Baker
Georgia Phillips

The team to represent the College in the recent SACCS Chess tournament were:
Griffin Beattie
Rick Daicos
Lachlan Hodge
Riley Gerdsen
Nikita Daicos
Aiden Cutfield
Joseph Honner
Lachlan Gruber

The College held an open home in the Mansion earlier this term. 5 students volunteered as tour guides:
Ellah Lamb
Nikita Daicos
Rick Daicos
Jamison Filla
Tahlia West

The College production has obviously been a highlight of this term. Well done to the Savio students who were involved:

Year 7 Cast:
Ashleigh Furniss
Chanel Venes
Olivia Courtney

Year 8 Cast:
Rick Daicos
Ava Salopayevs
Joshua Poulton
Matilda Gavaghan
Miette Lane-Welsh
Nikita Daicos
Rachel Prescott
Taylah Cooke
Emily George

Kate Beranic
Emilia Rigby
Michelle Grover
Kiera Buzza
Alexandra Cairney
Izaac Chatfield
Stella Marciano
Hannah Thorne
Theresa Hannan
Teagan Fox
Ellah Lamb


The results of the Science Competition are in. Well done to all who participated. We had some very encouraging results:

Year 7
Marcus Bailey, Ethan Knezevic, Kaiden Micallef-Grimaud, Max Torkington
Credit: Timothy Cardillo, Hannah Smajila
Distinction: Michaela Morris and Thomas Eldridge

Year 8
Maxwell Ben-Clarke
Credit: Alex Cairney, Rick Daicos, Nikita Daicos, Tahlia West, Ben Zarb, Charlee Dean, Benjamin Whiting,
Edan Taplin, Joseph Honner
Distinction: Isabel Brown and Aiden Heyne


Reading Competition
Our reading competition is underway. The first 2 people to enter the competition received a $30 voucher: well done to Abigail Chatman and Michelle Grover.

Keen readers should be logging their reading to win in our next round of prizes. We have prizes for the highest number of entries and the best review. The details are on the Library Website and the closing date is Friday 14 October.


Roald Dahl’s Art Competition
The Library is currently running a fantastic competition going to celebrate Roald Dahl's upcoming 100th birthday! Students are encouraged to create their own masterpiece based on his literary creations.

All artwork will be displayed at the Craft Club Art Show and the top 3 artworks and 1 Highly Commended will be awarded prizes.

Staff members are also encouraged to take part by entering their own artwork in the competition - we will have students vote for their favourite Staff Artwork.

Craft Club sessions that are happening twice a week in the Library to assist any students who wish to take part. The final date for that is Thursday 8 September.


What’s been happening in our classrooms…
Year 8’s have been thoroughly immersing themselves in their English text “Boy Overboard” by Morris Gleitzman. I was delighted to attend 2 of Mr Brendan Ennis’ classes recently who have been investigating the plight of refugees – one of the main themes of the book. Using criteria, the class had to choose the most well researched report and then the winner presented the work to the class. This prompted fantastic discussion amongst the students about current Australian policy with regards to refugees and the social justice aspects of the issue. The Year 8 English teachers are certainly making this subject come alive through their choice of relevant resources for the students.

Our Year 7 students are currently learning mapping skills as part of their study of Geography. One area they can find challenging is scale. To assist their understanding my classes have been making life size drawings of themselves and then drawing smaller versions to scale. One group used the writeable walls and the other the basketball courts (see pics).


Narelle Stone
Savio Campus Director