Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

2017 Subject Selection
We are now in the process of constructing the timetable and allocating students’ elective subjects for 2017. Should any student not receive a subject that they have selected as an elective choice, they will be contacted via email confirming that they remain happy with their reserve selection. This is a slow and intricate process, but students will be contacted as soon as possible if there are any difficulties, and all students will have their allocations and 2017 timetables in Term Four, well before the Step-Up program commences.


Term 3 Interim Reports and Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
By now you will have received your child’s interim report for Term Three. These reports indicate whether a teacher needs to see you at this week’s Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews. You are all encouraged and welcome to attend, however if a teacher selects the “required” field on the interim report please make a booking to see them. Our Year 7 – 12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews will be on:

Tuesday 30 August 4pm – 9pm
Wednesday 31 August 2pm – 6pm

They will be held in the Lakeside Stadium. Tuesday 30 August will be a normal school day, Wednesday 31 August is a student free day.


Learning and Teaching contact
As Jodie Fitzgerald heads off on the great adventure of parenthood, I will be working in her stead as Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching. Please feel free to contact me as you would have Jodie for any matters relating to your child’s learning and academic progress at school.

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Michael Horne
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching