Savio Campus News

Pastoral Activities

Our Year 7 Girls and Boys enjoyed separate gender appropriate talks from Class Act Theatre on Friday. The actors were certainly engaging and the students enjoyed the performances. The feedback was very positive with comments like…”It was a good way to pass information and helped me understand a bit more about life.” “They talked about things that people don’t like to discuss like eating disorders.” “We really need to know more about these things so it was good.”



Very well done the 22 Year 7 and 8 students who were part of our fantastic school musical this year. As someone involved directly in the production I was very impressed with your commitment and hard work.


Safety Survey

As part of our commitment to enhancing student safety ay school all Year 7 and 8 students heard a talk by Michaela Frantz (Savio Campus Captain 2015) and Thomas Tabone (Savio Sports Captain 2014). All students who were present at school on Friday week 4 then completed a Safety Survey. The dedicated Safe Schools team of staff and students will review the data and suggest changes the College can make in this area.


Cyber Pass

Students will continue to work on completing their Cyber Pass certificates in pastoral in the coming weeks. We would like to have all students complete this by the end of Term 3 as the Year 7 students may opt to bring their own device next term.



Our afterschool homework help club has had a huge number of subscribers. Students are encouraged to come and complete their work with staff in attendance. In particular Maths and English rooms are available for students wanting help in those subjects.


Subject selections

All Year 7 and 8 students should now have completed their subject selections for 2017. Any student who has not should see the Savio Campus Assistant, Mrs Jones.


Interim Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews

Interim reports will be available soon and bookings open for the final Parent Teacher Interviews for this year which occur on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 August. Students are encouraged to attend these interviews and they may do so in casual clothes.


Narelle Stone
Savio Campus Director