Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Term 3 Interim Reports and Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Interim reports will be posted home next week so please keep an eye out for them. These reports will indicate whether a teacher needs to see you at our upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews. You are all encouraged and welcome to attend, however if a teacher selects the “required” field on the interim report please make a booking to see them. Our Year 7 – 12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews will be on

Tuesday 30 August 4pm – 9pm
Wednesday 31 August 2pm – 6pm

They will be held in the Lakeside Stadium. Tuesday 30 August will be a normal school day, Wednesday 31 August is a student free day.


Reporting, Assessment & LMS Review

Earlier in the year we sent out surveys and held two parent focus forums to examine our approach to reporting, assessment and our LMS (which is currently Daymap). Feedback from these days has been most valuable and we are excited to be bringing in changes for 2017. This round of interim reports in this format will be the last, in 2017 we will move to a full continuous reporting model and you will be able to access assessment tasks, rubrics and feedback through our LMS. Our LMS will change from Daymap in 2017 and we will launch something that will provide us with many more capabilities and be much more user friendly for families.

As always a big change like this will take time and the roll out will be staggered. We look forward to being able to provide you with much more detailed information and feedback on your child’s progress in the future. This feedback will be in real time so you won’t have to wait until the end of term to receive reports. We will continue to keep you informed of developments and a huge thank you to Clancy Merrett, Daniel Buttacavoli and Lindsey Holland for all the work they have done in these areas.

Student Free Days
If you haven’t already please add these dates to your diary;
Friday 19 August – Student Free Day – Staff Professional Development Day
Monday 22 August – Student Free Day – Staff Professional Development Day
Wednesday 31 August – Student Free Day – Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Subject selection

The subject selection process is on track and running smoothly. Students will receive their preferences in Term 4 and there will be a 2 week opportunity for any changes to be made at this time. 

Is your child completing VCE?

If you haven’t already used it I would encourage parents/guardians to access a website called VCE Help. This website provides free resources and tips to assist with motivation and memory techniques. It is a helpful resource for students, teachers and parents. I would really encourage you to have a look

It is also a good idea for parents/guardians to visit the VCAA website to view their child’s exam timetable. This website also contains exams and examiners reports from previous years. The exams and examiners reports are excellent revision tools and I would be encouraging students to do as many exams as possible, and correct them using the very descriptive examiners reports. The examiners reports give you information on how many students in the state got questions correct, a great tool to assess the difficulty of each question, as well as perfect responses and comments on common mistakes made. Hopefully your children have already started this process. Having access to this information might also be a great way you can assist your child at this stressful time.

Jodie FitzGerald
Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching


What’s happening in the humanities faculty?

The Humanities Faculty have been focusing on the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum for 2017. A new curriculum for Years 7 and 8 has been developed which, translates into students not only exploring historical and geographical skills and knowledge, but will also be introduced to the Civics and Economic component of the Victorian Curriculum. This will expose students to learning about how to be active citizens in a global community as well as understanding the nature and operation of markets and the role governments play influencing the business cycle.

In other areas of Humanities, work continues in Year 10 Civics and Commerce to consolidate assessment tasks ensuring students can enter and exit along their learning continuum at their own pace. This type of inquiry and self-directed learning is imperative for students continuing with any of the Humanities VCE subjects. Students in Year 10 Civics have explored real life learning having visited both State Parliament and the Sunshine Magistrate’s Court to see their learning “come to life”.

Our senior teachers are working hard with our students in Years 11 and 12, particularly as both internal and external examinations are imminent. We take this opportunity as a Faculty to wish them a big good luck.

Alison Roberts
Humanities Learning Area Leader