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Subject Selection 2017

Our Subject Selection for next year is well under way, thank you to those students and families who have already submitted their preferences. Just a friendly reminder of the due dates:


Friday 29 July
All 2017 Year 12 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.

Friday 29 July
All 2017 Year 11 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.

Wednesday 3 August
All 2017 Year 10 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.

Friday 5 August
All 2017 Year 9 electives entered.

Friday 12 August
All 2017 Year 8 electives entered. This is also the due date for our future Year 7’s to decide on their electives, information is being sent home this week.

A reminder that 2017 subject handbooks, containing detailed information about each subject can be found on our website here 

Interim Reports & Upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
Term 3 Interim Reports will be mailed home to you on Monday 15 August so please look out for them. With the report you will receive a login for our internet based booking system, please access this website via our College Website. Please keep in mind that all teachers will either ‘encourage’ or ‘require’ an interview. They all have to select encourage, however if they ‘require’ an interview please book a time as there is a conversation that needs to be had. As the name suggests, we encourage all students to attend, however this is not a requirement of the interview. Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews will take place in the Lakeside Stadium on Tuesday 30 August and Wednesday 31 August. Wednesday 31 August is a Student Free Day.

What’s happening in our Mathematics Faculty?
By Ammie Franklin – Maths Learning Area Leader

Maths is changing at Salesian College. The traditional model of teaching maths is being turned on its head. Salesian College is trialling a new, better way of teaching, with the help of an online system called Maths Pathway ( In the past, schools have tried to teach the same thing to all students at the same time - all Year 9 students do Year 9 algebra together, for example. The problem with this is that not all Year 9 students are ready for Year 9 algebra at the same time. Some students have gaps in earlier grades that need patching up, and other students need to be extended academically.

In this model, every student in the class works on the maths that is exactly right for them. This means that some students will be doing Year 7 work, others will be doing Year 9 work, and the teacher has the tools necessary to support them all.

Other schools that have adopted this systems have seen dramatic improvements in their students' growth - meaning that even if a child starts of behind, they can now catch up to their peers, and that students who are already ahead don't get bored.

For more information, visit

As the trial progresses, we will be certain to keep you posted with the results and the feedback from staff and students.

With our senior students, we have just completed a successful trial and are working towards the implementation of Edrolo, a program designed to scaffold the revision process and assist our year 12 students with consolidating their understanding of Mathematical Methods and Further Mathematics.

It is wonderful to see students and staff working together to further enhance their learning skills, continue to develop into lifelong learners and enhance their learning outcomes.

Meet our new staff …

Michael Horne
Michael Horne is an experienced English and Literature teacher, who has joined Salesian this year as the director of the Bosco Campus. Prior to arriving here, he was head of the senior school and head of English at Ave Maria College in Essendon, and before that taught English and Literature at Scotch College, where he was also an Australian Curriculum Advisor. Michael has written a number of English textbooks, and is an experienced VCE English exam assessor. He is a seasoned presenter for subject associations, and has spoken at English association conferences in a number of states on approaches to English curricula. His particular area of interest is the development and assessment of cognitive skills, and developing school-wide approaches to classroom teaching practices. Michael is currently teaching Year 11 Lit and Year 12 English, and is enjoying learning about all that goes to make Rupo a unique and fine school.

Victoria Muscat
Victoria Muscat is a graduate teacher and ex-pupil of Salesian College. Victoria has fond memories of her time here as a student and attended the College from 2006 – 2011. Victoria admits that starting here as a student was very tough as she lived in Plumpton and didn’t know anyone when she arrived. She remembers spending her early days of Year 7 going home in tears and feels she can relate well to those students who haven’t come from a local primary school. For Victoria, the positive was her homeroom and this was how she met her early friends and felt more at ease in the school. In her senior years Victoria worked hard and remembers always looking up to Amy Gallagher who was her homeroom leader. Victoria commenced a Psychology degree on finishing at the College, she visited us a couple of years ago to do a Psychology placement with Michelle Eagling and that is when she decided that teaching was for her. Victoria commenced a Masters of Education, which she is still completing whilst working part-time. She has put her Psychology Honours year on hold, but hopes to also complete that in the future. Victoria loves teaching Maths and enjoys having an old school friend, Stephanie Chricop, as a colleague. Victoria has found making the transition from student to teacher easy as she is so familiar with the school, its history and philosophy. She loves sitting with the other Maths staff in Ward 1 as they can collaborate easily and share knowledge and resources. Outside of school Victoria plays Volleyball and she is looking forward to seeing her nephews join the Salesian College community in the future.

Jason Briffa
Konnichiwa Mina-san (Hello Everyone)! As you might guess I’m the Japanese language teacher from the language faculty. I started my language journey with Japanese almost eight years ago and it’s been unbelievably enriching for me that I went from being a learner, to a teacher! From being a complete novice, living in Japan, learning through experiences and in the classroom, it’s never ending and it’s breathe taking! I love Japan, Japanese culture and the language behind it all. So much so that being a teacher allows me to share my passion for the language with students and staff alike at Salesian College. I’m not only passionate about teaching and sharing this beautiful language, but helping students achieve their dreams and goals through language. Language is empowering, and I’m only happy to help students realise this as they go on their own language journeys.

What I really enjoy about being at Salesian College is that it’s been more than just a great place to teach. The amount of support for languages here brings forth so many opportunities for students to host other students from Italy and Japan, to go on exchange in return, and engage with activities to give a better cultural insight behind the languages we teach here. Indeed, students have displayed great enthusiasm and commitment to learn both aspects (culture and language) about the countries that we have strong relationships with and it’s a wonderful thing to witness each time it happens.

Learning a language is a wonderful thing to take up, whichever one you choose to do.
Ja, mata ne (See you around)!


Megan Crilly 
It was in Year 10 that I really decided that teaching was where I saw myself. My Year 10 English teacher gave me a copy of Anna Karenina for an extension task and it changed my life. I knew that I wanted to be in a profession where it’s possible to have such a profound impact simply through interacting with students, and by knowing who they are.

I began university doing a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Psychology as I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to take, but after tutoring at Deakin University, I knew that teaching was for me. I completed my Graduate Diploma of Teaching in 2014, and my Master of Teaching in 2015 at the University of Melbourne.

I started as a casual relief teacher at Salesian last year, and am now teaching in the Year 9 program. What I love the most about Salesian is the unconditional regard that the entire Salesian community has for young people.


Jodie FitzGerald
Deputy Principal
Learning & Teaching