Savio Campus News

Bookface Competition
The following students participated in the Bookface Competition held recently. The Learning Centre received 498 votes from a total of 392 people.

Miette Lane-Welsh
Monte Croke
Olivia Kane
Aidan Teese
Wade Ryan
Kaiden Micallef-Grimaud
Mitchell Simpson
Ronan Teese
Caitlin Thomas
Olivia Rodda
Ben Garton
Congratulations to Joshua Poulton who took out first place in the competition.


Arts Awards
Well done to those students who assisted in the naming of the Salesian Arts Gallery of Excellence (SAGE) – Hannah Thorne and Rachel Prescott.

Well done to those receiving Highly Commended Awards in the College’s Arts Competition. – Alexandra Cairney, Thomas Hall, Rick Daicos and Hannah Owens. The runner up for the overall competition was Nikita Daicos.


Reading Competition
Our Reading Competition is now underway. Students are encouraged to read and log their efforts to win some great prizes. They can visit the Library website for more details.


Sports News
Lachlan Ball came first in the U12 Australian International Irish Dancing Championships. He is off to the Gold Coast and Tasmania later this year to compete also. Well done Lachlan.

We had a successful Year 7 Premier League season. Four of our 8 teams made semi-finals – the netball and girls basketball lost unfortunately but our Boys Volleyball and AFL teams made it through to the grand finals.

I am not sure if I am their lucky charm but when I arrived to watch the Boys Volleyball they had won the first set and lost the second 2 and it was 16-17 in the fourth set. The boys really rallied and came back to win that set convincingly. They then went on to win the last set 16-14 so it was very close but the boys did a great job, especially as their Captain had injured his collarbone and was unable to play. He did a great job motivating and coaching the team from the sideline though.


The boys received their medals on the day. The team to represent the College were:

Adam Aprile
Mason Biggs
Aiden Cutfield
Benjamin Hayes-Pyle
Jake Hobden
Mitchell Natoli
Noah Ozanne
Hugh Tighe
Captain Emanuel Paulo.


When I arrived at the AFL the scores were even. The boys then kicked 2 points to pull ahead. In the end the ball ended up mostly down their end and some goals put them well ahead to win convincingly. The team to represent the College were:

Camryn Anderson
Jake Atkins
Oscar Besanko
Ashton Bolger
Jamie Brewer
Daniel Caruana
Clay Charter
Joshua Creevey
Ned Crotty
Alex Cruickshank
Jaye Doolan
Ryan Doyle
Connor Flynn
James Fox
Liam Goodfellow
William Gray
Jesse Horton
Connor McLean
Noah Miers
Declan Nitz
Oliver Powell
Joshua Sanderson
Cooper Shoebridge
Harrison Sloss
Will Thomas
Thomas Vincent
Kade Whitefield
Jake Williams
Captain Harry Manders


Late last term we chose 2 teams for the SACCSS Futsal tournament. The boys team to represent the College were:

Callum Bishop
Mitchell Bruce
Matthew Campelj
Rick Daicos
Antony El Hitti
Joshua Forti
Tommy Macumber
Flynn McIver
Daniel Mifsud

The girls team to represent the College were:

Hannah McDermott
Penelope Di Blasi
Matilda Gavaghan
Olivia Mancuso
Mackenzie Hayes
Kayla Razmovski
Jaye Nalder
Nikita Daicos
Michelle Grover
Emily Cugliari
Jasmine Stevens|
Emily George

High 5’s
Congratulations to all the students who received a High 5 at the end of the term. I was disappointed to see that some Homerooms had no students nominated. I do hope that BL3, CN2, CN3, MY3, MO1, MO2, MX1, MX2 and NN3 have some recipients come the end of Semester 2.


Boost Enrichment
The Semester One Boost Enrichment presentations were held at the end of last term. Topics included Which band of gold balls goes the furthest, Do Adult Colouring Books really relieve stress – apparently they don’t,  does the generation you grew up in affect the way you text -yes it does and How Video games affect the brain. I really enjoyed the presentations and could see the enormous amount of work put in. Well done to all those who were part of that program.

Ashton Alabaster

Tim Cardillo

Rylee Bone

Thomas Eldridge

Riley Gerdsen

Tori Hogan

Joshua Hubbard

Patrick Harding

Max Martucci

Flynn McInver

Michaela Morris

Hannah Smajila

Holly Williamson

Imogen Sommerville

Daniel Stubbs

Ruby Taylor

Grace Walker

Brielle Brne

Joshua McDonald

Lachlan Shore

Jaala Van de Duim

Ben Whiting

Kate Beranic

Penelope di Blasi

Connor Fettes

Nathan Skelton

Sophie Carayannopolous

Abbey McAliece

Alannah Monaco

Rachel Prescott

Benjamin Zarb

Abigail Chatman

Joseph Honner

Larah Bowering

Teagan Fox

The invitations for this Semester went out over the holidays and I hope those who have been chosen to be part of the programme this semester have a great time.


Top Academic Achievers

Well done our top achievers for Semester One. These are calculated from the Semester One reports.

Year 7

In 10th place was Tara Andreula with an 85% average.
In 9th place Amy Taylor with 85.2%
In 8th place Kaiden Micallef-Grimaud on 86%
In 7th place Isabella Andrews on 86.2%
In 6th place Emily Cugliari on 86.4%
In 5th place Holli Williams on 86.7%
In 4th place Emily Bojczuk on 87.9%
In 3rd place Michaela Morris on 89.7%
And in equal first and top of Year 7 were Samantha Dickson and Chanel Venes both on 90.1%.


It was really close in Year 8 with only decimal place separating most students.

In 10th place was Rick Daicos on 90.4%
In 9th place was Isabel Brown on 90.5%
In 8th place was Jessica Evans on 90.7%
In 7th place was Alice Mitrevics on 90.8%
In 6th place Madison Kleiner on 91.2%
In 5th place Michelle Grover on 91.7%
In 4th place Benjamin Zarb on 92.5%
In 3rd place Tahlia West on 92.6%
In 2nd place Madeline Hendy on 93.1%
First place and top of Year 8 on 94.9% Nikita Daicos.


Top Work Effort
What I like about our work effort awards are that they are not always the same people as the top academic awards. I think that proves that it is not always the most academically able person who tries the hardest and that one of these awards is within every students’ ability.

Year 7
On 34 points  - Nikyah Baker, Emily Bojczuk, Samantha Dickson, Michaela Morris, Michaela Sloot, Amy Taylor, Rebecca Thomas

On 35 points – Lana Bergamasco and Imogen Somerville
On 36 points – Rylee Bone, Emily Cugliari and Tori Hogan
On 38 points – Ruby Taylor
On 40 points and top of Year 7 – Hannah Smajila


Year 8

On 35 points – Tiannah Brne, Alexanda Cairney, Abigail Chatman, Jessica Evans, Michelle Grover, Stella Marciano, Tom McDermott, Claudia Reddan and Jessica Scoble
On 36 points – Nikita Daicos, Rick Daicos, Emilia Rigby and Benjamin Zarb
On 37 points – Larah Bowering
On 39 points and equal top of Year 8 – Brielle Brne and Rachel Prescott



The following is an excerpt from our recent Savio Assembly on plagiariasm:

“On an academic note I want to speak about plagiarism as we had a number of students who engaged in this, mostly ignorantly, at the end of last term. There are 2 types of plagiarism – the first, I’m thankful no Savio students have done, is where you copy someone else’s work and submit it. The second type is much more common – that is where you copy work from the internet and submit it word for word in your assignments. At universities now they have a program that can scan your work and creates a % of how much is your own work and how much is plagiarized. You must write in your own words in your assignments. In some subjects you will be taught how to write a bibliography and how to use and reference direct quotations. These are all techniques to ensure you show where you got information from. We have a clear school policy for plagiarism which includes a letter home, a 0% on your report and an afterschool detention so you can redo the work in your own words. If you have any questions about this then ask your teachers.”


As usual it has been a very busy start to the term. I was pleased to see the Year 8’s have been utilizing BYOD well.


Narelle Stone
Savio Campus