Bosco Campus News

Rescheduled SACs
Last week saw the first session of our move to after-school rescheduled and resit SACs. Thank you to all Year 11 and 12 students and families who have adopted this change so readily; already it is proving clearer for students, providing more certainty about when they will do a rescheduled assessment, and less disruptive to their regular classes.

Please note that as we’ve finalised supervision for these sessions, they will be moving to a Tuesday afternoon from this week onwards. As previously, if a student needs to reschedule a SAC, or resit a task, but has a genuine reason that they can’t sit it after school on a Tuesday, I invite them to come to see me for a discussion.

As ever, we would encourage students to avoid missing a SAC and needing to reschedule, and to give every SAC their full effort and concentration to avoid needing to re-sit the task – thus avoiding the need to stay after school!


Subject Selection
Last Friday students began receiving information about subject selection for 2017, and will continue to have discussions over the following couple of weeks before submissions are due to Web Preferences. The main opportunity for parents to ask questions is this Tuesday night’s Subject Selection Information Evening. I’d particularly encourage parents of Year 9 and 10 students to come along and speak to teachers of the subjects their son or daughter is interested in. Each student will be meeting with a senior staff member to sign off on their choices over the coming couple of weeks; we would encourage you to have a discussion at home before this meeting to ensure that you are comfortable with your son or daughter’s choices and thinking.

Subject selections are due on Web Preferences by Friday 29 July for current Year 10 and 11 students, and Wednesday 3 August for current Year 9 students. I am very happy to speak with any parents or guardians who may have questions about the process or about their son or daughters’ pathway.

Michael Horne
Bosco Campus Director