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Mazzarello Campus Newsletter:

Student Achievements
This term we have witnessed the Year 9 students working extremely hard to achieve their goals and receiving their just rewards. A key project for the term was to create a World War 1 monument that Mr Brockhus had set as a challenge:

I am asking you to create a modern monument to World War 1 over the course of the next few weeks. You will decide on the form of this monument and I encourage you to use any resource that is available to you either here at school or out in the community. You will work with your teachers to gather more information on the process, but I will choose the monument that best fits our community and will display it in the school during a time of Remembrance.


I am entrusting this important task to you. Your monument will inform and educate future generations of students so we can all learn from the events of the past.

And so, the Year 9 students worked with great gusto to accept Mr Brockhus’ challenge, coming up with a huge variety of monuments from paintings, sculptures, video holograms and magnificent remembrance walls. The monument that struck everyone’s cord is the monument created by Cate Agius, Chloe Dredge and Kate Jones of Mahoney House. Their thematic depiction of the suffering and hardships of war as pictured was considered by all to highlight what Mr Brockhus had set for the students to complete. The College will
now work with Cate, Chloe and Kate to see that their monument takes
pride of place as a sign of Remembrance.




Further to this award each of the eight classes were able to recognise those students who have excelled this term as positive members of their class displaying the virtues of Building Learning Powers. Each CORE teacher has nominated a student that consistently demonstrated an appetite, confidence and capacity to face the challenges and uncertainties that life will throw at them during their lifetimes. We congratulate the following students:

Bunjil: Erik Galeotti

Colliton: Isaac Alderton

Mackillop: Perri James

Mahoney: Joshua De Jonge

Maiocco: Joseph McInerney

Mannix: Grace Avenll-Thompson

Naughton: Jessica Ellis

O’Grady: Harrison Jones


Tree Planting
Monday 6th June, members of the Duke of Edinburgh Award class travelled to Romsey Water Treatment facility to take part in a Tree Planting Project. The project ran by Western Water has been working with Salesian College over the last ten years, with students and other community members re-vegetating the areas around Deep Creek. The project attempts to revegtate the areas around Deep Creek with native plants, including trees, shrubs and grasses. Thestudents were able to discover why the project is so vital for the waterways areound the area and how this has a greater impact on the quality of water throughout the district and greater environs. After planting over 500 trees all particiapnts were very appreciative of the BBQ lunch and drinks catered for local Lion’s Club members.






Working Bee 2: 23rd July
A priority of the Mazzarello Campus has been to improve the surrounds and environment of the work spaces for the students. On Saturday 23rd July (9am-11am) staff, students and family members are invited to continnue this process. The morning will see the community gathering around the Horticultural Areas of the College. Activities for the moring will include improving the chicken sheds and piglet areas, tending to the Patch with it’s Spring Harvest plantings, stinging nettle irridication and general clean up of the areas. The animals of the farm will be on show for all to get a close insight to the workings of the College Stud animal programs.

A morning tea will be provided for all to share and reflect upon the morning’s activity. To register an interest please contact the Campus office on 97440000 or email .

Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director