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Semester Two classes
Semester Two classes begin this week for all Year 10-12 students. Students who applied for a subject change will have received notification last week about whether or not it worked with their timetable, and any new classes are displayed in DayMap as of last Friday.

Year 10 students move into Semester Two electives this week. In many cases this will also mean a change in core classes and teachers to accommodate elective choices. DayMap is now showing each student’s Semester Two classes, teacher, and timetable.

The VCAA end of year examination timetable has been published for all Unit 3&4 subjects, and is available here. In early Term Four all Unit 3&4 students will receive a personalised timetable and exam information, but you may like to have an earlier look.

Congratulations to all students in Years 10 and 11 for the way in which they approached their examination preparations and the exams themselves. This can be a stressful time for students, but students should now have received feedback on all of their exams. This feedback should be taken in the spirit in which it is offered: as advice for future improvement. Exams are a useful way to not only prepare students for Year 12, but to gauge honestly how well they can execute the skills required of them by their courses.


University Open Days and Opportunities
A variety of dates for university open days were emailed to students in Years 10-12 last week. All students, not just Year 12s, considering a university course post-school should plan to begin visiting open days as soon as possible.

ACU are also offering a variety of ‘University Experience’ days, where students can sample a degree of their choice. If you're considering tertiary study for next year or in the future, University Experience provides the perfect chance to explore your study options by living a day in the life of an ACU student. The program allows students to: sample the degree of your choice by participating in a hands-on workshop; meet ACU staff and current students; get a feel for your local ACU campus; learn about industries and careers; and hear helpful tips on preparing for university. The dates and registration details are available below.

Tuesday 5 July

Tuesday 28 June


Michael Horne
Director - Bosco Campus