Mazzarello Campus

My Place in the Global Village

Next term Mazzarello Campus began its third component of the Challenge Program,
being the Global Perspectives Project. The program focuses around ideals, of offering students with a range of opportunities aimed to foster a sense of place and value in the world as a Global Community. The project is driven by the ideas as presented in
“Global Perspectives:
A framework for global education in Australian schools” by Education Services Australia. It is hoped that the program will promote open-mindedness leading to new thinking about the world. Furthermore the program will aim to have students learning to take responsibility for their actions, respect and value diversity and see themselves as global citizens who can contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


The nature of learning for the component of the program is to be that of an Independent Learning Project. These projects are to incorporate a learning strategy that fosters self-improvement through planned independent study by students under the guidance of their teacher. During the project students will develop skills around, communication, perseverance, research, strategic planning, revising, time management, collaboration. The project will conclude with a Showcase of the students’ work, where members of the College community will be invited to witness and interact with the students and their own projects.

Brendon Fogarty
Campus Director