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Student Achievement
We congratulate Ben Ryan who is heading off to the Australian Open Bowls Tournament on 13-24 June in Brisbane – good luck.

We congratulate Taylah Cooke who competed in the Australian Dance Festival. Her troupe won Australia's Best Dance Crew which means the team will be representing Melbourne in Sydney for Nationals on the 16th-18th of September.

Premier League
The following Year 7 students were congratulated at our most recent assembly for the following:

Team Captains
Netball: Amity Drayton
Girls Soccer: Molly Spargo
Girls Basketball: Madison Nash
Girls Volleyball: Amy Jeffreys
AFL: Harry Manders
Boys Soccer: Patrick Hannan
Boys Basketball: Matthew Merrett
Boys Volleyball: Emmanuel Paulo

Most Improved Player
Netball: Ruby Taranto
Girls Soccer: Hannah Uren
Girls Basketball: Olivia Rodda
Girls Volleyball: Lauren Harper
AFL: Jesse Horton
Boys Soccer: Flynn McIver
Boys Basketball: Samuel McInerney
Boys Volleyball: Jake Hobden

Best and Fairest
Netball: Olivia Floreani
Girls Soccer: Emily Cugliari
Girls Basketball: Madison Nash
Girls Volleyball: Meagan Shore
AFL: Harry Manders
Boys Soccer: Marco Renda
Boys Basketball: Daniel Salvatore
Boys Volleyball: Noah Ozanne

Learning Role Models
In a recent pastoral period students were asked to provide some feedback on their class. I was very interested to hear of those students identified as good learning role models. It’s great to be able to acknowledge them, especially as they have been nominated by the students, not the teachers. Some of the comments made about these students included they listen and pay attention in class, they ask if they don’t understand, they help me, they are always positive. The following are the students who received the most nominations in each class.

Year 7 Role Models
7A – Tara Andreula and Holli Williams
7B – Marcus Bailey and Chanel Venes
7C – Michaela Sloot and Emily Bojczuk
7D – Jacob Zarafa and Matthew Merrett
7E – Rylee Bone and Tilly Crowther
7F – Ned Crotty and Timothy Cardillo
7G – Ruby Taylor and Samantha Dickson
7H – Kaiden Micallef-Grimaud, Kane Frew and Helena Broders

Year 8 Role Models
Comments in the Year 8 cohort included they use class time wisely for work, they have high expectations of themselves, help each other out and make me feel confident.

8A – Nikita Daicos and Tom McDermott|
8B – Rick Daicos, Tahlia West and Rachel Prescott
8C – Ben Zarb and Michelle Grove
8D – Joseph Honnor and Ava Salopayevs
8E – Lara Bowering and Teagan Fox
8F – Alexandra Cairney and Taylah Cooke
8G – Hannah Thorne
8H – Alice Mitrevics

There was also an opportunity to identify students whose behaviour detracts from the learning environment. These students will be having conversations with their Homeroom leader and House Leader and some very firm expectations put on them to improve this behaviour.


Year 7 Music and Dance
It was fantastic to see our Year 7 Music and Dance students have the opportunity to perform in front of parents and other students as a culmination of their semesters’ work. Thank you to Ms Richards, Mr Berto, Ms Bond and all the staff who helped prepare the students for their showcase.








BOOST Enrichment
Our Semester One Enrichment Program is coming to an end. On Thursday 24 June the students will be presenting their work. Please join us from 5pm in the Mansion to see the showcase.

As Semester One draws to a close staff are busy assessing students and writing reports. Students will have a new timetable of classes come Week 10 of this term. Do take the time to discuss the report with your child and set some goals for their learning for Semester 2.

Narelle Stone
Campus Director