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Year 10 and 11 Examinations
We launch into Year 11 examinations today, with Year 10 starting on Wednesday this week. Students have been working hard to revise their semester’s work, and I hope are looking forward to the opportunity to apply their knowledge and put their full effort into their exams. The below information was included in the letter sent home two weeks ago, but is provide here for your reference:

there are no formal classes for Year 10 and 11 during their respective exams periods. As exams for Year 10 start on Wednesday, there are classes as normal today and tomorrow;
any students who have three exams in one day (there are only a few) or are away ill, are able to reschedule their exam to one of two rescheduled sessions. Students should use the usual ‘Application to reschedule an assessment form’ available from F Block, attaching a medical certificate if they were away ill.

I wish all of our Year 10 and 11 students every success as they approach this academic test over the next couple of weeks.

GAT – Unit 3&4 students
All students studying a Unit 3&4 VCE subject will sit the GAT (General Achievement Test) on Tuesday 7 June. This includes all Year 12 VCE students, and any Year 11 students studying a Unit 3&4 subject this year.

The GAT is used as an external measure of a student’s general abilities, and can be used by VCAA to:

  • moderate or check a student’s internally-assessed SAC scores;
  • come up with a derived examination score (DES) if for any reason a student is unable to
    sit their end of year examination.

As such, the GAT is an important test for students to take seriously and give their best efforts to. The GAT consists of three sections: two writing tasks, and a multiple choice section. Writing Task 1 asks students to write an informative piece using a variety of information they are presented with. Writing Task 2 asks students to present an argument based on a series of statements about an issue. The multiple choice section covers maths, science, humanities, arts, and social science questions and also tests a student’s reasoning and logic.

All students sitting the GAT are invited to join us for a brain-food breakfast from 8:30am in the Canteen, from where they will move to F Block for the exam starting at 10:00am.

Semester Two Subject Changes – Year 10 and 11
Application forms for a Semester Two subject change are due to Mrs Carabott or me by Friday 3 June. If students miss the deadline, they won’t be able to change classes. Thank you to all parents and carers who have been speaking to students about possible changes.

Students will be notified if a subject change request has worked on the timetable or not, and if it has will commence at the beginning of Semester Two on Tuesday 14 September. Please be aware that a student changing an elective class may necessitate a change to another of their classes – for example from one English class to another. Sometimes this needs to happen to allow for the requested change. 

Michael Horne
Campus Director