Savio Campus News

Year 7 Music Performances
Year 7 Semester One Music students will be given the opportunity to perform for an audience on Tuesday 7 June in a concert from 6 – 7pm. Please do come along and hear how they have progressed since the beginning of the year.

Year 8 Exams
The following information was given to Year 8 students on Friday about their upcoming exams which may be useful for parents:

Thursday 2 June Period 1 – English and Friday 3 June Period 1 – Maths.

The exams are 60 minutes each. Bring pens, pencils, highlighter, ruler, eraser and calculator. No white out to be used – cross out or erase your mistake. You must write in pen for the English exam and pencil for the Maths exam.

The Maths exam is in 2 sections – 1 with a calculator and 1 without. You are allowed 2 A4 pages of notes you have prepared. These may be back and front. You may take these into the exam. These should have notes and formula to assist you.

For the English exam you are completing a Text Response Essay on the novel “Holes.” You are required to bring a dictionary.

How to revise:

  • Put your phone away when studying – even the sight of it is distracting
  • Don’t listen to music when revising – you won’t be listening to it in the exam.
  • Studies show that when you revise in a quiet environment you are able to recall more.
  • To commit something to memory takes time – spread your revision over a number of days
  • Test yourself – ask mum or dad to ask you questions and give the answer
  • Teach someone else – this requires you to learn and organise your knowledge in a clear  manner
  • Continue with your sport and activities you love

How to prepare:

  • Attend Phoenix on Wednesday afternoons in the Savio Campus to get extra help
  • Make sure you know what is expected in the exam – how many parts there are. What will you be examined on?
  • Take your exercise books, textbooks, past tests, novels home
  • Fail to prepare – prepare to fail…

How to perform at your best:

  • The night before get at least 8 hours sleep
  • On the day have breakfast – this has been proven to improve concentration and memory
  • Be organised with your equipment – have everything in a clear plastic bag
  • Don’t listen to others talking about what they have studied. This will fill your head with information you can’t grasp at the last minute

What happens if I am away?
You will sit the exam in the next Maths or English class you have with you teacher so come prepared with what you will need.

Do encourage your child to be active in their preparation and be involved where possible.

Semester One Assessments
As we near the end of the semester students will find an increase in their workload, as assessments are due. Teachers and Homeroom Leaders are mindful of the pressure this puts on students but it is preparation for the rigors of a senior workload. Students will need to be organized, use class time wisely when provided and be completing their 60-90 minutes homework per night. Or afterschool homework club, Phoenix which runs in the Savio Campus on a Wednesday from 3.30-4.30pm has been very popular in the lead up to the end of the semester. Students who need extra help are encouraged to attend.


Narelle Stone
Campus Director