Deputy Principal - Students

It is really easy for a student to get into the habit of missing school. The Catholic Education Department has over the years put out circulars to families stating how important it is for students to be at school as much as practicable.  As a school we understand that all students may experience illness/ difficult circumstance form time to time and we support families in keeping an ill child at home.  It is the regular ‘days off’ here and there that cause a disruption to learning. For a student to achieve their best possible outcomes, regular attendance at school is crucial.  Missing school here and there takes students away from the classroom and the activities and discussions that may take place.

Families can support young people in regular attendance at school by doing some of the following:

  • Set up daily routines and regular sleep patterns, particularly for teens.
  • Encourage healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Develop a study plan with a weekly diary and calendar for assessment.
  • Encourage extra-curricular social and fitness options and provide opportunities to build positive relationships.
  • Set a good example of meeting commitments.
  • Make attendance at school and learning the number one priority


If your teenager wants to miss school:

  • Don’t let them miss school unless they are genuinely sick
  • Make attendance at school the number one priority
  • Listen to them and encourage them to tell you how they are feeling about school
  • Try to work out whether it’s an issue of anxiety, disengagement, poor organisation etc.
  • Periodically check with your child’s Homeroom Leader  to find out how things are going
  • Utilise the tips suggested above

A reminder that the College does not generally support families who go on holidays during school time. Written request for absence due to family holidays needs to be put in writing and addressed to the Principal.

If you child is absent from school please ensure they go on Daymap for the work that has been missed.

Next time your child doesn’t feel like going to school, it’s worth remembering – Every Day Counts.