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What a tremendous amount of student achievement we have to celebrate!

6 Savio students have been awarded an interview for a prestigious Corriedale Scholarship. We wish them the best in their interviews: Bailey Meneghetti, Maddison Nash, Matthew Gook, Charles Aguis, Mason Hancock and Wesley Santos.

A number of students who were acknowledged at our final school assembly at the end of last term. Nominated for the Student of the Term in Year 7 were Lia Dispenzeri, Luke Gillespie, Monty Croak, Jacob Zerafa, Charlotte Smallcombe, Tim Cardillo and the winner was Alex Cruickshank.

In Year 8 the nominees were Demi Young, Hayden Lane, Tilly Gavaghan, Aiden Heyne, Stella Marciano, Hannah Thorne, Josh Poulton and the winner was Alice Mitrevics.

Also announced at the school assembly were the swimming age champions: Year 7 Girls winner was Isabella Crawford, the Year 7 Boys winner was Thomas Vincent, the Year 8 Girls winner was Tiana Byrne and the Year 8 Boys winner was James Hall. Well done to the overall winners Bunjil.

And finally in the Arts competition we had three students commended Mary Rose Tyquin, Luke Morris and Theresa Hannan.

Staying with sports we congratulate the Athletics Age champions: Year 7 Boys Emmanel Paulo, Year 7 Girls Madison Nash, Year 8 Boys ? and Year 8 Girls Alex Cairney. Well done to the winners Naughton.

Over the Easter holidays Kiera Buzza qualified and took part in the Australian Whipcracking Championships at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. This is the biggest Whipcracking competition run in Australia. She was extremely successful, coming 3rd in the Juvenile section and is now ranked 3rd in Australia! She has also competed in the World Bullock Whip Titles, coming 20th in the world!

Turning to Arts our Year 8 Debating team has got off to a flying start winning their first debate. The team is: Rick Daicos, Ben Zarb, Nicole Brideson, Miette Lane-Welsh, Alexandra Cairney and Nikita Daicos.

A group of students attended the Youth Writing excursion which is part of the Hume Youth Literacy Festival. The following students attended the workshop last week: Chanel Venes, Emilia Rigby, Jessica Scoble, Kiera Buzza, Marcus Bailey, Mikayla Foster, Nikita Daicos, Rachel Prescott, Rick Daicos and Stella Marciano.

As you know Interim Reports have been posted. A number of students gained top work effort awards for their results:

In Year 7 on 37 points: Tara Andreula, Rebecca Baird, Nikyah Baker, Helena Broders and Imogen Somerville.

On 38 points Cherese Azzopardi, Lia Dispinzeri, Michaela Morris

On 39 points Rylee Bone

On 40 points Grace Walker

 3rd in Year 7 was Tilly Crowther

Equal first on 42 points Emily Cugliari and Kaiden Micallef-Grimaud.

In Year 8 on 44 points were Madeline Hendy, Madison Kleiner and Abbey McAliece.

On 45 points Emilia Rigby and Miette Lane-Welsh

On 46 points Tahlia West. On 47 points Nikita Daicos.

On 48 points Isabel Brown, Rick Daicos and Rachel Prescott

Top of Year 8 on 51 points was Brielle Brne.


Well done to all our students who are working so hard in their particular areas.


Narelle Stone