Bosco Campus News

Bosco Campus News

Over the past two weeks it’s been pleasing to be able to see our 10-12 students engaged in two very different but equally important whole school events – the House Athletics Carnival, and the ANZAC Day Remembrance Service.

The House Athletics day was blessed with perfect autumnal weather and this infiltrated the whole College community’s mood and enthusiasm for the day. Our 10-12 students again led the way in their costumes, and likewise gave their best efforts on the field and track too. I continue to be impressed by the calm easiness of whole school events at Salesian, as students and staff mix, joke and gently rib each other in the spirit of enjoyable house competition. Congratulations to Naughton House, who carried the day.

Equally impressive, if in a more sombre way, was the conduct of our students at the ANZAC Day Remembrance Service. It was a service at which we had the opportunity to collectively hold in our thoughts the memory and sacrifice of so many men and women who have fought for Australia and the values of fairness, equity and opportunity that enable a school like ours to flourish in a time of enduring relative peace. The respect and calm gravity with which all of the students conducted themselves was pleasing and appropriate, and I commend them on it.   

Two more slightly prosaic things have also diverted the thoughts and time of the Bosco Campus teachers in these two weeks:


With the move to winter uniform, staff are spending considerable time reminding students to wear their uniform correctly. We, and I’m sure all parents, would rather that our time was spent on learning and teaching, so I ask for what support you can give at home on the following matters:

skirts for girls are to be at the knee. If any need adjustment, please address this over the weekend;
the blazer is to be worn as the outer garment to and from school each day;
ties are to be tied with the top button done up, and the shirt tucked in.


Holidays during term time

We are currently reviewing the process for notification of holidays during term time. Could we please ask that all ongoing or significant absences are communicated to your son or daughter’s homegroup leader, house leader or campus director. While we understand that there are times when absences and trips unavoidably fall in term time, I would advise against such absences in Year 11 and 12, except where absolutely necessary.


Michael Horne

Director - Bosco Campus