Deputy Principal - Students

Student Management at Salesian aims to promote a positive environment in which all students and staff are able to develop as responsible members of the community. Salesian College is a Restorative School – to repair the harm and rebuild: to reintegrate the person(s) who did the harm; restore a sense of wellbeing and connection for all.  As part of the Anti-Bullying policy Salesian College will facilitate a Restorative Justice approach.

The fundamental concept of Restorative Justice is that punishment on its own doesn’t teach anything about self – discipline, nor does it necessarily lead to more effective ways of solving problems or behaviour modification.
Philosophy & practices of Restorative Justice in Schools… is to promote RESILIENCE in both the one who is harmed and the one who causes the harm.  It is about helping young people become aware of the impact of their behaviour others  through personal accountability and being pen to learning from conflict (Marist Youth Care, 2004)
A restorative approach (i) Brings together key people (ii) follows a structure process, (iii) provides an opportunity to be heard and listened to, (iv) avoids blame, accusation and judging, (v) focuses on the effective behaviour, (vi) brings about learning
Restorative approach focuses on: What happened, what harm has resulted and what needs to happen to make things right?
Restorative Justice in the College aims to develop:

A community that values the building of quality relationships coupled with clear expectations, limits and consequences

A community that resolves conflict and repairs damaged relationships