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In today’s increasingly connected and multicultural world, it is important that our students have the essential life skill of navigating through different cultural contexts. Through our immersion and Language courses students develop the strategies to:

Respect different cultures
Foster and build community cohesion
Facilitate intercultural understanding and positive engagement with other countries and students.

At the end of 2015 senior language students participated in an immersion program in Italy and Japan. Below are a few of their stories.

At the end of this year we will also offer students the opportunity to experience this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks to my school Salesian College 'Rupertswood' I had the opportunity to participate in the exchange student program to Italy in December 2015 to January 2016. When I arrived here in Trento on the 10th of December I was welcomed by Irene Ceschini and her family who I stayed with for six weeks. Over these six weeks I felt like we became really good friends and that I would see her soon, except this time not in Italy but in Australia!

For me this experience was very different in the way of adapting to the families lifestyle but overall it was a good experience and it didn't take me very long to get used to their daily routines so I felt like I was apart of the family. The food and culture experience was also fantastic and I was used to it as my family is Italian, so I felt right at home.

The Ceschini's gave me a lot of great opportunities which was absolutely incredible, for example we visited Venice and had a good laugh while skiing. Not only was I here to experience touristy things but I also attended school which was very different to my school back in Australia. However the change was different but it was also exciting and it got me adapting to the lifestyle here in Italy.

This experience didn't just give me the opportunity to have fun, it also really helped me with my Italian and the understanding of the language. Also it really helped with my listening skills and what other people are saying when they are talking to me.


Six weeks does sound like a long time, which it is, but the saying, 'time flies when you're having fun' couldn't be more true. At the start and even before I left Australia to come here I was really over thinking this because of how long the journey for me will be, however now as much as I'm excited to go home I also don't want to leave here. I have no regrets whatsoever about coming here and I'm very glad that I did, so I would highly recommend for everyone to take this opportunity and participate in an exchange program because you don't just improve the language but you also have fun along the way! :)

Daniela Belia  

I wish to thank both Liceo G. Prati di Trento and Salesian College Rupertswood for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the Australia-Italy Exchange program from December 2015 till late January 2016.

When I arrived in Italy I was warmly welcomed by the lovely Eccel family who I spent 6 weeks living with. I quickly adapted to their different home lifestyle and routine and became part of the family. Linda and her family kindly took me to around Italy over the school holiday and we visited many beautiful towns and cities. I had the experience of going to; Venice, Milan, Bolzano and many other places. One of my highlights was learning to ski for the first time and hiking snow topped mountains, beautiful to see as there isn't often snow in Australian winters.

Julienne Simpson

It was an early start to the day where myself, Daniella, Emily and  Julienne had to catch the 3:00am flight from Melbourne to Kuala lumper in Malaysia and then a long flight to Dubai. We stayed in Dubai for around 3-4 hours before then heading for Milan. Moments before landing in Milan, there was nothing to see out of the plane window besides layers and layers of fog. After landing and collecting our baggage, we met our host families. After everyone was introduced, we had a 3 hour journey to make from Milan to Trento. When we arrived it was literally lights out and hit the bed to start school the next day. It was an early start the next day when my host brother and I woke up at 6:30am to catch the 7:00am bus to school. My first day at school was probably the hardest day out of them all because they were interrogating me left and right in all my classes.

After 1 week of classes we had a 2 week Christmas holiday where my host family and I went to a town called Cavalese where we went skiing almost everyday. One of the days that we went skiing, Liam and Kieran deciding to come skiing with my host brother and I. I have to say, watching Kieran go down the hardest slope on the mountain was probably the highlight of the day because he was fairly new to skiing. One of the days where we didn't go skiing, we always went to other places such as Austria. Experiencing not only the Italian culture but experiencing a bit of the culture in Austria was truly amazing. In the day of Christmas I had the chance to try many traditional foods of Trento such as Polenta. Although I hated polenta it was a good experience trying all of the foods. After the Christmas break it was back to school. I had to complete chemistry tests in Italian, do an oral about a scientist in Italian and teach my gym class some exercises. Although it was very difficult, I would definitely love to return to Trento to do it again!

Cameron Wattis 



Hello Everyone,

On the school holidays I went to Japan for 5 weeks. It was very fun, and a great experience.

I stayed with two families during my stay.The first was the Inoue family. There were five people in the family.

They were very very nice and I felt very comfortable staying with them.

While staying with the Inoue Family in Japan; I did things such as Karaoke, Purikura (Japanese photo booth), origami, and a lot of shopping. 

I also went to Koushou-Ji temple, Nagoya Castle, Osu, and a local shrine.

Chelsea Costello

I found that the Italian school structures are very different to that of Australian schools and I was given the opportunity to experience it first hand. I became a normal Prati student and attended normal classes with other students. From spending time amongst Italian students and friends I have definitely improved my Italian and learnt a lot of new vocabulary and Italian customs.


Not only was the this trip amazing because of the places I went and visited but because in the 6 weeks I've been in Italy I have experienced both Italian culture and language, as well as delicious foods (some of which I've never tasted before). I met many new people in and outside of school and I have made many new friends which made me feel at ease. We had many good laughs and I hope that we stay in contact. Linda will always be the sister I never had.


Throughout this immersion I feel I have grown as a person and it was an experience that I will never forget. I left with a great impression of Italy and I was able to have fun and learn at the same time.


Julienne Simpson