Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Learning & Teaching – Jodie FitzGerald

It’s been a short, but very busy term. I would like to commend our students for the way that they have conducted themselves and the mature approach they have taken with their learning. Our teaching staff have done a wonderful job and there are many new exciting initiatives currently being investigated and developed, all targeted at improving our students learning outcomes.

In Term 2, our staff will begin preparing for the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum in 2017. We will review and refine our elective offerings at Year 7 and 8, ready for our 2017 Year 8’s to choose their electives. We are investigating a new learning management system and will commence our full review of assessment and reporting. 

Interim Reports

Interim reports will be posted home on Thursday 24 March, so please keep an eye out for them. If you have changed your address could you please contact us as soon as possible and let us know. Accompanying the interim report will be a link to a survey for us to gather feedback about our current assessment and reporting practices. If you could complete this survey it would be most beneficial. We want to ensure our reports are meaningful to you and will also be calling for volunteers to work with us in focus groups during term 2.

Work Placement

Our Year 11 & 12 VCAL students are currently participating in two weeks of work placement. They engage in work placement in the last two weeks of each term. Our Year 10 students are all strongly encouraged to participate in work placement, however they don’t all do this at the same time. If your child is in Year 10 and would like to engage in work placement please get them to make an appointment with Peter Krausz, our career’s coordinator, to discuss and gather the work placement forms.


What’s happening in our LOTE Faculty?

By Grace Latina – LOTE Learning Area Leader

Languages contribute to the development of skills in thinking, resilience and reflection as well as intercultural understanding. Our Language courses at Salesian College aims to develop communication skills and knowledge on how to understand social, historical and cultural aspects of the target language.

Learners are provided with the tools, through comparison, collaboration, listening and empathy to understand language, culture and humanity. Therefore language learning contributes to the development of intercultural aware citizens. This is of increasing importance at a time of deep globalization.

The Languages faculty, through its classroom approach and pedagogy delivers engaging and meaningful curriculum.

Year 7: In Italian students have learnt the various Italian greetings and how people are feeling. Students also explored the legend of Remus and Romulus, questioning the story. They also researched the geography of Italy creating posters the rivers, mountains, climate and earthquakes.

Japanese: The focus has been on learning the Japanese characters, greetings and Japanese classroom instructions. This was taught through role plays, Sensei says and self-introductions.

Year 8 Italian students have explored the themes of adjectives and describing people. Students created and described cartoon characters. Japanese students revised the hiragana characters and recognized the different Japanese foods. The students created via digital resources their own Obento box design.

In year 9 the focus has been family and housing. 

Year 10 Italian students learn about where Italians buy their food and wrote their own script. They are currently exploring the theme of organizing an event. Japanese students   collaborated on a group project based on this theme and made a video.

VCE students have been immersed in the topic of who am I? They study this through a novel as text covering areas like, Fascism in Italy, Crime in Italy and Health.

Japanese students built their knowledge and vocab through the topics of: Family, School, and Studying Abroad. Last week we welcomed to the college Masami Noda, a Japanese student who is studying at Swinburne University. She was in classes observing and helping our year 12 Japanese students prepare for their oral exam.

The immersion program has also encouraged students to engage with the native speakers. We look forward to fostering our relationship with our 4 sister schools. In this newsletter students have written about their cultural immersion experiences. I would like to thank the Languages staff for their dedication and strong commitment to promoting languages and instilling a passion for language learning.

Languages are pathways to the world


Meet our new staff …

Marianthi Stavrakis

Marianthi is currently in her 11th year of teaching. Prior to this, she studied a Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University, followed by a Bachelor of Teaching at Australian Catholic University. She has worked in a range of schools in Melbourne, most recently spending three years at Academy of Mary Immaculate in Fitzroy. She has also spent a year teaching in London. Marianthi is currently teaching BOOST, Literacy, English and Religion at Years 7 and 8. In addition to teaching English and Religion, Marianthi has also enjoyed teaching Visual Art and Humanities at her previous schools. If she wasn’t a teacher, Marianthi would probably be an education officer in an art gallery or museum, a set designer or maybe a bus driver.


Michael Sheehan

Michael finished school at Salesian College Rupertswood in 1996. Having started a Bachelor degree in Architecture at The University of Melbourne he soon realised it was not his true calling. He was fortunate to attain a position in International Freight Forwarding with his father’s company Pacific Network. He pursued a 16 year career in this industry. It began with a traineeship and progressed through junior clerical positions, supervisory roles, operations management, sales management and national level responsibilities in an industry which was 24/7 communications with countries all over the world. 

It was in these senior roles where Michael had opportunities to train people and he found that the most enjoyable part of his career. During these years of full time work Michael also managed to complete a Bachelor degree in Business at Victoria University and a Master degree in Marketing at The University of Melbourne; part time study over 9.5 years. This was where he learnt resilience and the importance of achieving a balance in life.

Michael also found the time to start a Personal Training business, which he ran for 3 years, helping people turn their lives around. Team and individual sports in Michael’s life have included competitive; football, cricket, tennis, basketball and professional running. During his personal training sessions, Michael saw people change physically, however the real achievement was seeing individuals’ complete transformation in self-esteem and self-efficacy. Accompanying people through these sessions made him realise his responsibility to them as an educator and motivator. It was this one-step-forward/three-steps-back/four-steps-forward type journey with a client that helped them discover an ability or a domain of their own character previously unbeknown to them; this affirmed Michael’s thoughts that teaching just might be the career for him. 

In 2014 Michael enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma of Education at ACU and did his final teaching round at Salesian College Rupertswood. Here, Michael feels blessed to be part of the Salesian Community once again. Michael is teaching VCE Business Management, Year 10 Life Skills and Year 8 Humanities. He feels that he is giving back to a school that gave him so much for six years of his life, as a kid back in the nineties. Michael is looking forward to contributing to the Grease Production this year with the budding drummers, “I might even get a chance to play a song or two myself with any luck!”