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Start revising now

As we move towards the end of a busy first term, it is a good time for some reflection and consolidation of learning at the senior years. All students, VCAL or VCE, will have received a lot of information and learnt a lot of new skills. The holiday period is a good opportunity to start to consolidate this new learning. There are many ways to successfully do this, but a few good ones are to:

Create hierarchies of ideas and get to the ‘heart’ of the topic:

  1. Once your notes are made, it’s important to rank the topics or sub-topics into a hierarchy of importance. This focusses your study and also helps you to remember the information.
  2. A headlines task can be a good adjunct to this. Write a newspaper headline capturing the ‘heart’ of the topic, or one for each sub-topic if the material is broad.
  3. Write your understanding of the topic in either 12, 17 or 23 words only – no more, no less. This helps again to get to the heart of the material, and also helps with vocabulary selection as you are forced to make decisions between terms or add adjectives to get to the required number of words.

Practise metacognition and reflection:

It’s important that students can track how their thinking about a topic has changed. Two useful routines are:

  1. I used to think… Now I think…  Write two simple statements, possibly about each sub-topic, using the phrase starters, I used to think… Now I think… This gets you to focus on how you should be thinking about the material now, and affirms how much you’ve learnt.
  2. 3-2-1 Bridge       At the start of a new topic write 3 facts about the topic; 2 questions; and 1 analogy. Ideally do this again at the end of the unit, and then draw a bridge in the middle, explaining how and why your thinking has changed. Used just for revision, focus on the 2 questions – this is really good for identifying gaps in your understanding.

Transferral tasks

One of the key things for you to revise well is to transfer your understanding to as many different contexts and different applications as possible. A good way to do this is to take a set of questions that you’ve just done and change one element of each question so that the required skill is the same but the application is different. Then swap these questions with other students.


Study Skills - Elevate Education

Study skills like these were shared and discussed at the most recent of our Elevate Education sessions, where students heard from successful past VCE students about how to study well and successfully. Here is one of the presenters speaking to a group of Year 12 students about how to do well this year.

Presentation Ball

Rehearsals are well underway for the Presentation Ball, with many of our Year 11 students practising each Tuesday night for the dances that they will present at the gala event on May 14. Information has been sent home this week with participating students regarding ticket allocation and attendance at the ball. We wish all participants well as they continue to polish their dance steps.

Michael Horne

Director - Bosco Campus