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Mazzarello Students Community Service

Tuesday 1st March, students from Colliton, Bunjil and Naughton participated in the annual Hume City Council “Clean Up Australia” program. This involved students from the three classes, gathering and working with community members from Hume City Council, Melbourne Water and “Clean Up Australia”, in an effort to remove rubbish from the Nook area in Sunbury.

The students participated in three activities for the day. The first being a clean-up of the surrounds of the Nook waterways, picnic grounds and bushland. The second activity looked at the cleanliness and water quality of Jackson’s Creek. Students worked scenarios of water sustainability, management and wildlife protection. The lessons gained from this activity will certainly be put into place when the students study ecology and waterways later in the school year. Finally the students worked with the State government initiative of graffiti removal. Students learned how graffiti is removed and the connection between a clean environment and reduced levels of graffiti.

At the conclusion of the morning’s activities the students gathered with the participating organisations for a bbq lunch. From all reports the students and teachers put in a huge effort and represented the College in the most positive manner. Each student is to be congratulated for their hard work and positive attitudes.



Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director