Bosco Campus News


Bosco Feast Day

On Friday 26 February we celebrated the Feast of St John Bosco with our Bosco Campus Feast Day. Beginning with a campus Mass, celebrated by Frs Kevin and Will, the day brought together all of our Year 10-12 students in a spirit of grateful thanks for the life and example of Don Bosco, a figure so central to our whole school community, but particularly to this campus. At this year’s Mass, each House Captain was presented with a copy of the 2016 Strenna – ‘With Jesus, let us adventure in the Spirit together!’ Pictured below are some of our house captains following the Mass.

Turning up the revelry, and the competition, the rest of the day was a chance to mingle socially, and compete in the pool in the Bosco Swimming Carnival. Well done to all students who participated, to all students and staff who dressed up as characters from their favourite TV show, and to everyone involved in the running of a smooth and fun carnival. A particular thanks to Dan Peel for his organisation. Congratulations to Naughton house whose swimmers carried the day, and led them to a glorious victory.


Study Skills - Elevate Education

Over the last two weeks our Year 11 and 12 students have been involved in study skills session led by Elevate Education. Elevate Education presenters are immediate ex-Year 12 students who have performed highly in their studies. They present practical and simple ways to make studying easier and more effective, with their mantra being ‘study smarter, not harder.’


I’d encourage parents of Year 11 and 12 students to speak them about the sessions and see if there are ways they might reinforce some of the good behaviours and strategies that the students received in these sessions. 


Michael Horne

Director - Bosco Campus