Deputy Principal - Students

As a follow up to the Justice Policy in the last Newsletter I though I would re state the Mobile Phone Policy for 2016. The policy is one that is frequently reviewed in line with ever changing landschape in which our students and families find themselves.  The current policy is clear and is very straight forward.  Students are reminded of this policy through the diary, at Campus Assemblies and through the daily bulletin. The College would like the assistance from parents in relation to this policy. One request is that parents not expect their child to respond to text they may have sent a child during the hours of 8.30am-3.20pm; responding to a text goes against  the College expectations. Students can readily check phones and respond to any messages when the bell goes at 3.20pm. 



Acceptable Use

  • Whilst on College grounds, students' mobile phones are generally to be switched off and are not to be heard or seen throughout the entirety of the day (8.30 am - 3.20 pm)
  • These devices are NOT to be used in a relevant learning activity.
  • These devices are not to be used at recess or lunch.  This also applies to situations where the student is off school grounds on a College activity (i.e. sporting event, excursion, Retreat, etc).
  • If a parent/guardian needs to contact their child during the school day, they can contact the Student Hub and the staff will attempt to pass a message onto the Student.
  • If a student has an urgent and important need to contact their parents/guardians during the school day, there are College phones available for their use.  Students should see their House Leader, Homeroom Leader or go to the Student Hub.
  • The College does not accept responsibility for the security of mobile phones brought to school by students.

Consequences for Unacceptable Use

If students do not adhere to these Acceptable Use guidelines, the following consequences will occur:

First Offence: The mobile phone will be confiscated and given to the Deputy Principal - Students.  The phone can be collected from the Student Hub at the end of the day.

Second Offence: The mobile phone will be confiscated and given to the Deputy Principal - Students.  The phone will be securely held and a parent/guardian will be asked to come to the College to collect the phone.

Serious Offence: In the case where the College deems an incident using mobile phones to be serious, the College reserves the right to respond as it deems appropriate (i.e. it may involve the suspension of students, or the matter being referred to the police).  In such cases, parents will be notified immediately.