Deputy Principal - Students


As the school begins I would like to inform families and the community to our Anti Bullying Policy.  This Policy is outlined in full in the Student Diary, and is part of the College’s Justice Policy Guidelines. This policy will also explained to students at the beginning of Year Campus Assemblies.



At Salesian College we take pride in our Salesian Catholic heritage which offers our students care and guidance and which is a ‘sign and the bearer of the love of God for the young’[1]. These are values that are extended to every person in our College community. Therefore all students and staff have the right to work and relax in dignity and safety.

Our Preventive System of education obliges us to develop and maintain proactive and caring approaches in the management of relationships throughout the College. A policy that educates our students, their families and our staff will promote healthy and positive relationships. Where bullying or harassment occurs it is our responsibility to intervene with procedures, which are consistent and recognise the right to natural justice of all parties. All Bullying and Harassment procedures should be created with the aim of changing attitudes as well as behaviour.

We will strive to work in the spirit of the Gospel of John, which entreats ‘Just as I have loved you, you love one another. By this everyone will know you are my disciples’[2].



The Anti-Bullying Policy will be implemented and guided by Salesian Catholic Salesian heritage. This policy will provide a framework for education in our school community regarding the various forms of bullying and the impact it can have on adolescents and adults.  Anti-Bullying Policy will provide processes, which will enable the school to minimise incidents of bullying in our community.

It will outline procedures for individuals to report issues of concern and resolve conflicts in a safe and just manner.


Bullying Definition

Bullying is a pattern of unreasonable conduct which causes embarrassment, pain or discomfort to another person.


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