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Mazzarello Student Leaders 2016

2016, sees the introduction of Student Leadership at the Mazzarello Campus. Research has shown that student learning and school results are improved in schools where students are actively represented in decision making. In particular, students’ learning about being an active and informed citizen is improved when opportunities are made available for students to experience active citizenship within the school. The Mazzarello Campus SRC aims to be Educational, Democratic, Responsible, Collaborative, Respectful, Caring and Rewarding. The group of Student Leaders will be challenged to ask questions, act on behalf, share their ideas & thoughts and showcase the diverse talents & skills of the Year 9 student body.

The selection process for Student Leadership required students to nominate or were nominated by their peers. The nominees then presented the reasons why they should be elected (through speeches or in writing) and elections were held by each CORE group with students voting privately.

It is with great excitement that the semester 1 Student Leaders for Mazzarello Campus are:

Bunjil:              Georgia Cleave           Tristan Andreula.

Colliton            Isaac Alderton             Olivia Halliday

MacKillop        Jacob Betts                 Fiat Capule

Mahoney         Hayden Kuypers         Alex Murphy

Maiocco          Lochlan Jones             Jack Borg

Mannix             Jordan Gasser            Jess Clarke

Naughton        Joshua Cini                 Vitalia D'Monte

O'Grady          Jacob Kaucki              Edith Spiers


Mazzarello Campus Working Bee

Saturday March 5 9am – 12 pm

In order to assist in the efforts of the Mazzarello Campus the College is asking the school community to become involved in a regular Working Bee program.

In attending College Working Bee, we hope to provide families with a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other families, in addition the satisfaction of knowing that each supporting family will have contributed to the success of the Year 9 Program, promoted the school, and worked alongside other parents to make Salesian College a school each of us is to be proud of. The first Working Bee to be organised for 2016, is to be held on Saturday March 5 between 9am and 12pm. The plan is to work on developing areas of the Mazzarello Campus to facilitate the Discovery Ag Horticulture Program in the morning and then finish with a bbq lunch.

In order to continue providing the program the College will need to purchase more garden tools for the students to use. Many of us often find our garden sheds cluttered with tools that while old are still quite useable.  The Year 9 Campus would be pleased to receive any unwanted tools which can be used to grow crops for food. These include spades, forks, hoes, rakes etc.

If you would like to register an interest in the first Working Bee for 2016, wish to offer any garden tools for donation or have any further suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact myself at .


Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director