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Year 12 Information Night

Thank you to those many parents and students who attended the Year 12 Parent Information Night last Wednesday. We were again lucky to have Dr Michael Carr-Gregg as our guest speaker, who gave a variety of useful and realistic tips to help our students (and parents) face the demands of Year 12 with effort and perspective. Dr Carr-Gregg is pictured here with Year 12 student Sophie Trodd OY6.


SACs, SATs and Medical Certificates

As we approach the first busy period of SACs for Year 11 and 12 students, a timely reminder about the need to bring a medical certificate for any absences on the day of a SAC. This is to ensure that students who miss a scheduled SAC have a genuine reason for their absence, and that the conditions are fair for all students.  

I’d like to again congratulate the Year 10 – 12 students on the way they have launched themselves into their studies over the first few weeks. I’m encouraged by this, and have every belief that they will continue in the same vein.


Michael Horne

Director - Bosco Campus