Digital Learning

2016 BYOD Implementation

Throughout 2015 the College investigated moving to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. We conducted research, visited schools and universities and we ran trials with Year 9 and Year 12 students before the BYOD program was approved. We will continue to keep students, parents and teachers updated with the implementation of BYOD throughout 2016.


Each year level will commence BYOD at the following times:

Year Level 2016 Device Information Dates

BYOD and vLearn

(BYOD Devices and Laptops or iPads with Bluetooth Keyboards)

All Year

Exclusive laptop trolley use (At school only)

BYOD and vLearn

Terms 1 & 2

Terms 3 & 4


Exclusive 1:1 iPad trolley use (at school only)

Optional BYOD and vLearn

All Year

Term 4 only


Suitable devices for BYOD include laptops, hybrid devices which have a detachable keyboard or iPads with Bluetooth keyboards. If you are still yet to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, please do so as soon as possible. Be careful to buy a Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with your iPad model if it comes as part of an iPad case.



All students are expected to have vLearn installed and set-up on their device. Students will not be permitted to use their device at school if vLearn is not installed and set-up. Tim Scholes has emailed vLearn set-up guides to all students.

The vLearn guide is also accessible on the College Portal page

Having all students on vLearn will ensure that:

Each student has safe and secure access to the College wireless network.
Each student has access to their own network drives where they can save their work securely and printing access to printers all over the school using student ID cards.
Each student has access to over 40 applications to support their learning regardless of the device they are using. This ensures that there is equality and consistency in the classroom. vLearn applications are accessible outside of school when connected to the internet.



For students who need to loan a device, this can be done through the ICT Helpdesk in the OLC. A long-term loan (2-8 weeks) requires a permission form to be completed by the student and parent, however a short-term loan (less than 2 weeks) is covered in the Responsible Digital Citizenship Agreement signed by students and parents.


For more information on BYOD and vLearn please visit the College website and look BYOD and vLearn under the Learning and Teaching tab. 


Clancy Merrett

Digital Learning Leader