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Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to all of our Bosco students as they come back from what sound to have been very exciting and rejuvenating holiday breaks. It’s been pleasing to see the way in which the vast majority of students have settled down to their studies and into their new classes; a product I’ve no doubt of the Step Up program at the end of last year.



Along with the warm welcome back we have had occasion to speak to a number of students about uniform, jewellery and hair issues. I’d like to reiterate the expectation right from the beginning of the year that all students should be wearing the uniform correctly, and the consequence that they will be sent home if not. House leader, home group leaders and subject teachers, and me, would all much rather be putting our energies into our students’ learning and progress, and we’re sure of the support of the parent body in allowing us to do so. 


Attendance expectations

As students move towards the business end of their secondary school in Years 10, 11 and 12, attendance is crucial. The cut-off for successful achievement of satisfactory outcomes in all VCE and VCAL subjects is 80%, but attendance figures much higher than this are needed for students to learn what they need to and refine their skills to the point where they can achieve highly. Please avoid appointments within school times, and certainly avoid family holidays during the all-important Year 12 year.


Year 12 Information Night

A letter will arrive home early next week to Year 12 families outlining the expectations, and privileges associated with being a Year 12 student. This letter contains details of the Year 12 Information Night featuring Dr Michael Carr-Gregg which is being held from 7:00 – 8:30pm next Wednesday 10 February in the Lakeside Stadium. We would ask all Year 12 families to attend, but also extend a warm invitation to our Year 11 families. Dr Carr-Gregg will be speaking about ‘Coping with Year 12’ and has some excellent advice to impart.


Finally, a thanks for the quality of the welcome I have received here at Salesian from staff, students and parents. I’ve clearly stumbled onto a remarkable community and look forward to working with you for all things Year 10-12.


Michael Horne

Director - Bosco Campus