Mazzarello Campus News

As the school year heads towards a conclusion and the new Step Up program is introduced the Year 9 students begin to reflect upon the year complete. From their beginnings at the start of 2015 where they were asked to consider themselves and the prospect of facing and overcoming the Challenges that lay ahead, to the notion that they themselves can impose an immediate effect on not only their local communities but their Global community too. Many of the Year 9 students are now able to apply the skills learnt in their junior years of schooling, take in the new skills of this year and develop their own ideas into collaborative learning groups to produce authentic action plans that have an immediate impact on the lives of themselves and others.

Over the last few weeks the students have experienced the whole gamut of education with them sitting formal exams as a cohort in the College Stadium. Students completed exams in English, Mathematics and Religious Education and it is hoped that they themselves are a little better prepared for the rigorous exam periods of their senior school experience. Following on from their exams, the students have been further developing their real life skills. The learning focus has been centred upon that of “Finding The Right Career”. Initially students were asked to envisage where they might see themselves in ten years, which then led to developing a notion of needing a source of income to see out their future goals. As many students towards the end of Year 9 often begin the pathway of employment, students were asked to develop a personal resume and attempt to complete a standard application letter. Again it is hoped that the students will be able to take away with them some tools that are going to assist them in their future.

At this point in time, the entire staff of the Mazzarello Campus would like to wish all the current Year 9 students the very best with their future senior schooling and hope that they are able to find their pathway in life, achieving many successes. We also look forward to the new group of Year 9s beginning on November 23rd with our exciting Step Up program.

Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director