Savio Campus News

Year 7 and 8 Boost Enrichment

On Thursday 26 November our Semester 2 Boost Enrichment students will be making their presentations as a culmination of the semester’s work. These will take place from 5pm in the Mansion. Please feel free to come and support them.

Year 7 and 8 Transition

Our step up program starts next Monday with our final Savio assembly in the stadium at 9am. Students will be given new timetables and start their new classes period 2 that day. As always, parents are welcome to attend our assembly.

Year 7 Personal Identity Workshop

On Friday 13 November our Year 7 students took part in a personal identity workshop over 2 periods. Students were engaged in a number of activities around recognising what makes up their unique identity and focussing on resilience. They were also shown a number of video clips to prompt sharing in small groups. There was an energy of positivity and working in mixed House groups was good preparation for next week’s transition.

Savio Leadership

56 students applied for 16 positions of leadership for 2016. 28 students were shortlisted and interviewed in week 6 by myself and the current Campus Captains. Leadership positions will be announced next Monday at our final assembly for the year. My thanks to all the students who applied. It was great to read about their accomplishments. We were amazed at the very high level of skills demonstrated in the interviews.

Finishing well

With only 7 days left of the term, I encourage our students to finish well. To ensure a smooth start to 2016, it is important that they are actively engaged in the step up program we provide. Students who seriously commit to the end of year transition commonly find the return to school the following year much easier. Discussing this at home with your child will reap benefits.

Narelle Stone