Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Step Up Program

Here at Salesian College we have always had a transition program for our senior students but this is the first year we are stepping up the whole school to our 2016 timetable. The reason behind this is to assist your child to transition more smoothly into their next year level, homeroom or campus. The last weeks of school can also be treated as a winding down period and we want to capitalise on this time, focus on learning and ensure our students are as prepared as possible for the 2016 school year.  

During our Step up program students in Year 8 and 9 (in 2016) will be expected to have an exercise book, pencil case and their 2015 school diary. Our senior students, who already have iPads will be expected to bring them. We are not starting BYOD early so please don’t rush out and purchase a device. You should expect your child to have some homework to do over the holiday period and as always, please get them to read the first novel they will be studying in English. Parents are always asking us how they can better help their children at home and the answer is simple … reading. Students who read for enjoyment generally have better comprehension skills and a wider vocabulary.

We expect that our 2016 timetable will be on Daymap at 4pm on Friday 20 November. We will try and have 2016 teachers in front of their classes, however many of our new staff won’t commence employment until next year. We are really looking forward to beginning our 2016 school year and hope that it gives your child a head start so that they can come back from holidays focused on their learning. 

Every single person can learn to be a better learner. Learning ability is not static, it is not about intelligence, but rather about developing good habits. The development of habits is not something that happens overnight and it requires practice and training. If you want to be a better runner, you train. If you want to be a better swimmer, you train. If you want to be an AFL footballer, you train. The only way to become a better learner is to start training! We all know that training is hard, and improvement and growth takes time. Let’s finish our 2015 school year with this mind-set, a future focused mind-set, where things can be different if we are willing to push ourselves and start training our brains.

Important Dates

Friday 20 November – Student Free Day.

Monday 23 November – Our 2016 Timetable begins for all students returning in 2016. If your child is not returning in 2016 but you would like them to participate please contact Jan Wilkinson on with their details by Thursday 19th November, and we will supply them with a timetable.

Wednesday 2 December – College Awards Ceremony 9:30am – 11:30am in the Stadium. Year 11 and 12 2016 will be dismissed at 11:30am, Year 8 – 10 2016 will have an activity (more information to come) and be dismissed at the end of the day.   

Tuesday 8 December – Current Year 7 – 9 Goal Setting Interviews and report pick-up. Current Year 10 – 11 reports will be mailed home. 

Jodie Fitzgerald

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning