Mazzarello Campus News

Challenge Term 4: Global Perspective Project

This week Mazzarello Campus began its final component of the Challenge Program, being the Global ?Perspectives Project. The program focuses around ideals, of offering students with a range of opportunities aimed to foster a sense of place and value in the world as a Global Community. The project is driven by the ideas as presented in “Global Perspectives: A framework for global education in Australian schools” by Education Services Australia. It is hoped that the program will promote open-mindedness leading to new thinking about the world. Furthermore the program will aim to have students learning to take responsibility for their actions, respect and value diversity and see themselves as global citizens who can contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

The nature of learning for the component of the program is to be that of an Independent Learning Project. These projects are to incorporate a learning strategy that fosters self-improvement through planned independent study by students under the guidance of their teacher. During the project students will develop skills around, communication, perseverance, research, strategic planning, revising, time management, collaboration. The project will conclude with a Showcase of the students’ work, where members of the College community will be invited to witness and interact with the students and their own projects.




Fish Creek Farm / Salesian College “Rupertswood” Speckle Park Cattle Scholarship: Royal Geelong Show 15-17th October

The students attended competed at the 2015 Royal Geelong Show Cattle and Handling Competitions. Each of the students spent many hours preparing the cattle for showing often arriving at the showgrounds at 6am and not ?leaving until well after 8pm. With the assistance of Alana Jury the students presented the Fish Creek Farm cattle and cattle from other studs, for competition on three separate occasions. The College was well represented in the awards especially with Jazmine Anderson winning the Junior Handlers competition. Keith Dowsett, the students’ mentor wrote the following:

The Speckle Park heifers were taken to the Geelong Show on the 16th and 17th October. Unfortunately Bianca Need was unable to attend, and Alanah Jury stepped in with Jazmine and Matthew to exhibit the heifers.  In the judging class, Jazmine's heifer took out the 3rd placing, in a very hard class.  The students also paraded animals for other exhibitors, gaining numerous ribbons for those exhibitors.

 The highlight of the Geelong Show was undoubtedly Jazmine Anderson's performance in the VAS Handlers competition for 15-25 year old handlers, wherein there were 14 competitors.  Some of the competitors I have known for many years, and have won Handlers competitions all over Victoria, and Jazmine WON the class, and by winning the class she has qualified for the Victorian State Handlers Final at next year's Royal Melbourne Show,  an outstanding feat, one, I personally,  am very proud of.   Again the Salesian students acquitted themselves admirably, a great credit to themselves and the School. 


Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director