Deputy Principal - Students

Final Year 12 Assembly and Announcement of 2016 College Captains:

The final whole school assembly will be held on Monday 19 October.  The main focus of the Assembly will be to celebrate the 2015 Year 12 Cohort and farewell them from the College. Parents of the current Year 12s are invited to attend.  The Assembly will begin around 12.15pm and finish around 1.15pm.

At this assembly we will also be announcing the College Captains and Vice Captains for 2016.

Celebrate and recognise our amazing young people

At every opportunity the College endeavours to celebrate and recognise student achievement. The Victorian Youth Achiever Award is not only open for schools to nominate young people (which we will do), it also open to the community.  Read below if you feel you would like to nominate a Young Adult you know!

Nominations for the 2015/2016 Victorian Young Achiever Awards are now open!

The Victorian Young Achiever Awards aim to recognise, encourage and reward the positive achievements of young Victorians.

Making a nomination is easy! You can nominate someone and answer the questions on their behalf or you can simply fill in their name and contact details and save the nomination, give them a call and tell them you have nominated them! They can then fill in the details for their application, which often works well as they will be able to provide more detailed and accurate information.

Below is an e-flyer with the categories open for nomination. We would love if you are able to forward on this email to anyone you think is deserving of recognition for their amazing work in the community!

CLICK HERE or on the image below to go to our website and put in a nomination today.

Uniform Update:

I would like to let the whole school community know that a new school uniform is NOT coming in 2016.  Many people have contacted me about a rumour going around the community that we are changing the uniform- this is not the case.  A statement similar to this has been in previous newsletters throughout the year.

Our current summer uniform is to be worn Term 4, and Term 1 in 2016.  Our current Winter Uniform will be worn in Term 2 & 3 2016. A reminder to all students in Year 7-11 that the school jumper cannot be the outer garment when coming to and from school.  A reminder that the school Blazer is compulsory for all school assemblies, formal events and school excursions. The upcoming school Assembly is on Monday 19 October.

Uniform Expectations: Over the Year we have had a few students, some of these supported by parents querying our expectations regarding uniform.  I often ask students when they turn up in incorrect uniform, if they would do the same at part-time work, or turn up in the incorrect footy/netball uniform for a game.  The answer is always a NO. 

The College prides itself on what we do at school and what community perceptions is of the college.  The reality is that the College is often judged by the way our students look in the community- coming to and from school, or when representing the College.

Salesian is not on its own in expecting the correct wearing of uniform and appropriate grooming.  Many other schools have the same expectation. Sporting Clubs and community organisations have strict uniform regulations, as do many part-time employers. Please contact the House Leader at the  College if you have any concerns. 

Elaine Dugdale-Walker

Deputy Principal - Students