Savio Campus News

Year 7 Visitors Day

A reminder that our Year 7 Visitors Day is to be held on Friday 23 October. This is an opportunity for our Year 7 students to invite guests to join them in class for the morning. This will be followed by morning tea and then visitors are invited to be our special guests at the Savio Campus Assembly. The day will start at 9am and finish by 12pm. Please RSVP (via your Caremonkey Profile) to ensure a space is reserved for you. A copy of the invitation is attached elsewhere in the newsletter.

Savio Leadership Process and Applications

The leadership structure at Salesian College allows students the opportunity to serve others through active participation in a variety of leadership roles.  We believe this structure creates as many opportunities for student leadership as possible assisting students to develop the skills and experiences to prepare them for life beyond secondary schooling. Leadership at Salesian allows student voice to be authentic and proactive in the present, and the future direction of the school.

I will be meeting with the Year 7 Students on Friday 16 October to discuss the process for the positions of Leadership for 2016. Some information is outlined below.

The Campus Captains and Vice Captains consist of two female and two male students in Year 8 appointed to this position by the Director of the Savio Campus.  The Campus Captains will oversee the Savio Student Leaders, liaise with the Director of the Savio Campus and be ambassadors for the College at various events.

The Savio Student Leaders comprise two Year 8 students responsible for the following portfolios - Learning, Sacred Earth, Social Justice, Liturgy, and Sports and Arts. The Savio Student Leaders and Captains will be part of the College Student Action Teams. The seven Student Action Teams consist of the Senior SAT captains, and the corresponding SAT leaders from the Savio and Mazzarello Campus.

Interested applicants will be required to submit an application form and undergo an interview before being appointed. The positions of Vice Captain will be filled from those applying for Campus Captain. 

Please encourage your child to speak to their Homeroom leader if they have any questions. Applications for all Savio Leadership positions close on Friday 23 October.

Narelle Stone

Director of the Savio Campus