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Safety on School Buses, the interchange in Sunbury and walking to and from school:


A reminder to all students and families that it is important to be aware of people around you when traveling to and from school whether it be walking or on the school buses.  Please let the school know if a student sees something on the way to or from school that makes students feel unsafe or uncomfortable.  Where appropriate families are also encouraged to contact the police.

Should the school be alerted to any behaviour that is deemed unsafe we will alert specific families in writing (letter or email) or via SMS as we deem appropriate or as directed by the Department of Early Childhood and Education. The College will also contact the local police.

The Daniel Morecombe Foundation has some excellent resources available for families who wish to have a look at ways of keeping your child/ren safe.  The website is:


Student Leadership Opportunity:

Congratulations to 10 of our Year 10 and 11 students who recently participated in the Inaugural Northern/Western Regional Catholic Secondary School Leadership Symposium: ‘Leaders- Light the Way’.  The students accompanied by Mahoney House Leader, Mr Sam Scollo joined other secondary schools to explore the topics of:-

Servant Leadership: What is means to be a student leader in a ‘Catholic’ school?
Servant Leadership: ‘Leaders Light the Way’
Servant Leadership: Called to Action

Students from Salesian College also had time to be together to look at ‘What’s Working Well ‘and ‘What can be done better’.

Students who participated were Maddison FOX, Stacey DUFFY, Riley HEMBURROW, Liam PETHICK, Xavier QUINN, Joshua SPAULL, Meikah JOHNS, Grace BOURKE, Jessica ZELENBABA and Rachel CLEWER.  Thank you to these students for accepting the invitation to this session and and to Sam Scollo for supporting the students.


North Western Regional Constitutional Convention

On Friday 28th August, eight Year 10 students and myself attended the Regional Constitutional Convention hosted by Sunbury College. The day involved Secondary students from the North Western region coming together to discuss issues concerning Australia’s Constitution and our system of government.

The topic for this year’s Convention was ‘Racism is not Freedom of Speech’, and the keynote speakers certainly piqued the interest of students. Robert Mitchell, Federal Member for McEwan, explored the balance required between freedom of speech and the rights of citizens to be protected against racial hatred under the law. Demet Divaroren, co-editor of Coming Of Age: Growing up Muslim in Australia and a migrant herself, used a more personal perspective to contend that “Hate speech is not free speech.” The final speaker, Morgan Begg from the Institute of Public Affairs argued, conversely, that “Freedom of speech means you have to take the good with the bad”, and advocated strongly for the freedom of citizens to express all views without fear of censorship or retribution.

Students were then placed into discussion groups to reflect on these varied perspectives and to come to an agreed position (where possible). Our Salesian conglomerate were actively involved throughout this process, and many even expressed their views during the ‘Soap Box’ session. Group reporters later shared an agreed position statement before all students present voted on resolutions on the issue.

Overall the Convention gave these students a forum in which to voice their opinions on a very topical issue. Feedback from all of the students has been overwhelmingly positive, and many have now applied to represent Salesian College at the State Convention at Parliament House in October.

Please congratulate the following Salesian students who represented our College respectfully through their preparedness to listen, their tolerance of differing perspectives and their active contributions to the debate on the day:

Joel Campbell                                    Nicole Matthey

Nikhil Hendricks                                Joshua Pinto

Michael Kearney                              Emma Wilby

Kelsey MacDonald                           Lachlan Ziervogel


Christine Arnott-Sexton


A huge thank you to Christine Arnott-Sexton for accompanying the students on this amazing opportunity.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker

Deputy Principal - Students