Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Interim Reports and Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Our Interim Reports have been sent home so please keep an eye out for them. Enclosed with Year 7 – 10 reports are instructions for booking our upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews. Our Term 3 interviews are with classroom teachers in the Stadium on Monday 14 September and Tuesday 15 September.

Tuesday 15 September is a student free day. This is a great time for students to catch up on assessments and work due at the end of the term. Over the upcoming holiday period students should maintain good study habits and try and evenly space their study, rather than leaving everything until the last minute.

Year 12’s

I wish our Year 12 students all the very best as they prepare for their final exams. I hear that many are attending holiday lectures and additional classes here at school. You are lucky to have such conscientious teachers who want to run extra classes in their holidays, so please take full advantage of them. Keep up the great work, not long to go now! 

A reminder to all families that practice exams for Year 12 students (and Year 11 students who are enrolled in a Unit 3 & 4 subject) will run in the second week of the school holidays. All students will be expected to sit these exams, they will be at the College and will be supervised by external examiners. These exams will be assessed and returned to students early in Term 4 and will provide valuable feedback to our students.

If you haven’t already used it I would encourage parents/guardians to access a website called VCE Help. This website provides free resources and tips to assist with motivation and memory techniques. It is a helpful resource for students, teachers and parents. I would really encourage you to have a look

It is also a good idea for parents/guardians to visit the VCAA website to view their child’s exam timetable. This website also contains exams and examiners reports from previous years. The exams and examiners reports are excellent revision tools and I would be encouraging students to do as many exams as possible, and correct them using the very descriptive examiners reports. The examiners reports give you information on how many students in the state got questions correct, a great tool to assess the difficulty of each question, as well as perfect responses and comments on common mistakes made. Hopefully your children have already started this process. Having access to this information might also be a great way you can assist your child at this stressful time.

Teachers on Long Service Leave

Due to their current long service leave Dennis Berto and Felicity Collins will not be available at our upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews.

School Holidays

Wishing all of our staff and students a very well deserved holiday break. I hope you all get some much needed rest and come back fresh and ready to learn in Term 4.

Jodie FitzGerald

Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching