Mazzarello Campus News

YEAR 9 CAMPUS UPDATE… (Brendon Fogarty)

Mazzarello Campus Parent Information Evening 27th August

Thursday 27th August saw the Mazzarello Campus present an information to the parents and guardians of the Year 9 students for 2016. With an audience of over three hundred parents and guardians we welcomed the beginning of the 2016 Year 9 Program. Parents and guardians were invited walk around the open Campus, presented the 2016 Year 9 Curriculum Handbook and witnessed presentations from across the entire Mazzarello Program.


Fish Creek Farm Speckle Park Cattle Stud scholarship participant Bianca Need spoke of the Discovery Ag ?program and the Scholarship itself. She highlighted the great amount of learning she has gained from being one of the select few to be chosen to take on this esteemed Challenge. Keith Dowsett, the scholarship mentor, was also present to meet everyone and offer a helping hand at question time. Sharon Cox from Outdoor Education Group presented information of the Adventure Camp that each Year 9 student will take part in 2016. She presented information of the location, the types of activities and rationale of the nature of this style of camp at Year 9. Clancy Merrett introduced the new and exciting BYOD program to be launched next year. 

The Bring Your Own Device is a leap forward for students of Salesian College "Rupertswood", whereby students will be able to utilise a wide variety of ICT devices for learning at the College. Information regarding the overall pedagogy of the program, being Foundation, Discovery and Challenge was also presented to the parent / guardian community. Acknowledging Vicki Davey, Stephanie Murphy, Deputy of Teaching and Learning Jodie Fitzgerald and Principal Mark Brockhus for their input and presence cannot be left aside as this demonstrated the care and concern the College has for its learning programs and most importantly its students.

City Experience Final Walking Tours Friday 11th September

Having successfully completed the “Fact Finding” visits, students have been busy planning, designing, developing and are now ready to lead a themed Melbourne “Walking Tour”. Themes to be discovered may include:



•Arts & Entertainment

•Parks & Gardens

•Multicultural Melbourne

•Food & Beverages

•Crime & Bushrangers

•Ghosts & Haunting

•Streets & Laneways

•Churches & Chapels


As groups, students have created walking tours covering 6 to 8 key places of interest. Students have formally invited guests to attend their tour that they will lead and conduct running commentaries. We hope that each group is able to have number guest come along to the day. The students are quite excited and keen to show off the learning experiences they have had over the term experiencing all that the CBD of Melbourne has to offer.