Savio Campus News

Year 8 Languages Workshops
This week our Year 8 students will be treated to a language incursion. Japanese students will be taking part in a Japanese cooking lesson and the Italian students will be seeing a presentation by a Carnavale company. We hope these activities will continue to foster a love of learning languages for our students.
PD - Glenn Pearsal
Staff had a very useful and enjoyable Professional Development session with well-known educator Glenn Pearsal last Friday. One of the techniques that resonated with me is to always ask students to clarify their answers and “speak” their understanding and learning out loud. A simple way to do this is to ask the question “Why do you say that?” I encourage parents to try this at home also when having conversations with your child. If we are all asking “Why do you say that?” we will start to see our young people modeling their thinking automatically.
Year 9 Electives
Students have been enquiring about their Year 9 electives. These will not be made known to students for some time, as the College processes all the information.
Schoolyard “Entrepreneurship”
Each year at about this time I like to remind students that they are not allowed to sell any items at school or on the buses to other students. If any parents are aware of any students engaging in this activity please inform your House Leader.
Uniform policy
A reminder about the guidelines as listed in the school diary, in relation to hair length & texture. Students are reminded on a regular basis about the importance of presenting themselves in a positive and well groomed manner. 
Please note the official school policy states, hair, in general terms, must be clean, neatly styled, natural in colour and kept off the face. Accessories must be discreet (functional rather than ornamental), small and in plain College colours (blue, gold or white). Hairstyles which are outside of the following guidelines are unacceptable:

  • Hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back or kept off the face via an appropriate band or clips. No hair should be allowed to fall across the face or cover the eyes.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. This includes dreadlocks, shaved hair less than a number 2 blade, severe variations in hair and/or colour.
  • Hair must be of a natural colour. Moderate and discrete variations in natural colour such as highlights, tips and streaks are permitted as long as the overall style is predominantly of a single, natural colour without major contrasts. Unnatural hair colours are never permitted.
  • All male students must be clean shaven at all times. Sideburns must not be below the ear.

 House Leaders will be reviewing uniform over the coming days and students not meeting the guidelines will be expected to rectify the matter in a timely manner. I know you will support us in this endeavour.
Savio Assembly
Our next Campus Assembly is on Friday 4th September from 10.40am – 12pm. Parents are most welcome to join us in the stadium.
Narelle Stone