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Year 10, VCE & VCAL for 2016 - Subject & Course Selection

With Term 3 well underway it is very important that all senior students seriously consider their chosen pathway for 2016 and beyond. Students and their families should give careful consideration to which subjects are selected for 2016 as selecting suitable subjects will ensure that future results are maximised, prerequisites for tertiary courses are met and that future pathways are opened and explored before leaving secondary school.

The College has a Subject Selection Handbook that is available on the college website so that students and their families have the information they require to make well informed choices for their future. Please access this valuable resource along with making appointments with the college Careers/Pathway staff of Peter Krausz and Tyana Viti who can be reached on 9744 0000.

All student subject choices for 2016 must be entered into the Web Preferences system by Wednesday the 5th of August. Failure to meet this deadline will mean that students are likely to miss out on their preferred subjects for 2016.

Year 11 & 12 VCE Assessment Schedule

Each term we publish the upcoming assessment schedule for all VCE subjects so that students and families can plan ahead and be aware of when peak periods occur so that unnecessary stress and being underprepared can be avoided. Our Year 11 & 12 students have received their assessment schedule for this term and copies of these documents are attached here. Please place this in a prominent position at home so that your child knows that you too are aware of their workload and upcoming scored assessments.

Year 11 Assessment Schedule

Year 12 Assessment Schedule

Year 12 Practice Exams – Monday September 28th – Friday October 2nd

Any student undertaking a Unit 3 & 4 subject is required to attend and complete the relevant practice exams during the second week of the September break. All of these exams will take place in F Block here at the College. As most subjects have final exams in November that are weighted at approximately 50% it is vitally important that all students become familiar with timing, technique and content of the exams in their subject areas. The timetable for this week is attached here and I encourage you to join with us in supporting our senior students through this somewhat stressful finish to the year.

Driving to School and Parking Permits

Any student driving to school is reminded that they are bound by not only Victoria's Road Laws but also the College's rules and guidelines for vehicles on the property. Students must apply for a parking permit and sign an agreement before driving or parking their car onto the property. The required forms are available from Mrs Carabott in the Bosco Campus office and then display the official parking permit at all times whilst on college grounds. Failure to adhere to these condition will lead to students not being permitted to drive onto, or park within, college grounds.

VTAC Applications for University and TAFE in 2016

On Friday the 17th of July, all of our Year 12 students heard from our Careers Coordinator, Peter Krausz, about applying for University and TAFE entry for 2016. Peter outlined the process with students and offered lots of helpful tips and tricks to ensure that all students have the best opportunity to get into the tertiary studies of their choice. VTAC applications for 2016 open on Monday the 3rd of August and will close on Wednesday the 30th of September. All students applying through this process must have an appointment with Peter before the closing date to ensure that they have submitted the best combination of preferences for their personal circumstances. For more information please contact Peter at the college or visit

Year 12 Graduation Mass and Graduation Dinner

This year our Year 12 students will have two official functions to formally celebrate their graduation from Salesian. This year the Graduation Mass will be held on Tuesday the 20th of October at 6.30pm followed by a light supper. All students are required to attend in full Summer uniform with blazer. The final event for our Year 12 class of 2015 will be the Graduation Dinner which will be held at Moonee Valley Racecourse on the evening of Friday the 20th of November. Our Year 12 students will soon receive a letter and information about guests and ticketing. If you have any queries about these events please contact Mrs Denise Carabott in the Bosco Campus office on 9744 0022 or

Ray Messer

Bosco Campus Director