Mazzarello Campus

YEAR 9 CAMPUS UPDATE… (Brendon Fogarty)

Towards 2016

As this term progresses the College is well into the process of subject selection. For Year 9 students the focus is on developing the right pathway into senior school. Whether that be a straight V.C.E. course, a V.C.E. course including a V.E.T. subject or the applied learning approach of V.C.A.L. The Subject Supermarket Evening held on Tuesday 21st July was a great success with over 190 Year 9 students attending the evening.

The key focus for Year 9 students was to gain information in regards to their pathway into senior school.  Each student received a Bosco Campus Information Pack that contained vital information to assist them with the subject selection process into Year 10. We hoped that the evening offered the opportunity to answer many of the questions asked by students and parents alike.

Year 8 students will also be asked to nominate their selections for Elective Classes next year. With this in mind an information session is to be held on the evening on Thursday the 28th August, between 6pm -7.30pm. During this session families will be provided with a Handbook for Year 9 2015, along with information pertaining to the program offered at the Year 9 Mazzarello Campus.

The focus of the evening will revolve around four key areas of interest in regards to the facilitation of the Yr9 Campus. An overview of the curriculum will illustrate how the three Key Principles of the Program; Foundation, Discovery and Challenge are to incorporate all of the essential elements of the AusVels Curriculum standards. Members of the company Outdoor Education Group will present important information in regards to the Adventure Camp for next year. An introduction to the IPad program will finalise the presentations for the night.

At the conclusion of the presentations a question and answer session will be held to help facilitate any questions families may have in regards to any matters arising from the presentations or any other issues regarding Year 9 for 2015. We look forward to all families of our year 8 students attending.


Fish Creek Farm / Salesian College “Rupertswood” Speckle Park Cattle Scholarship

The recent school holidays was a very busy time for our three scholarship recipients, Jazmine Anderson, Bianca Need and Matthew Barkman. These students along with Ashlyn Hastie, Alana and Olivia Jury all attended the 2016 Victoria Stud Beef Victoria Cattle Handler’s Camp in Bendigo. The camp was held during the last week of the holidays. Each of the students were taught a variety of cattle handling, grooming and husbandry skills necessary for the upkeep of cattle. The College was well represented in the awards with Jazmine receiving a fourth prize, Bianca receiving an encouragement award and Olivia making it through to the final selection. Keith Dowsett, Scholarship Chief Mentor, was one of the key organisers of the camp wrote of the students:

The six Salesian students acquitted themselves admirably, and are a credit to themselves, their families and Salesian College “Rupertswood”. Observations of the students showed that they fully participated in every activity held during the camp. Added to that was the valuable networking the students gained with their peers, gaining new friendships.


Jazmine and Bianca wrote the following reflections in regards to their experiences of the camp.

The stud beef victory cattle handlers’ camp, was a very enjoyable and beneficial experience. It was a great week for meeting new friends and learning about lots of different things. You meet lots of people that I would have never got to meet otherwise and made some lifelong friends. I really enjoyed all the classes and learned lots about how to show and judge cattle. The group leaders and all of the staff were really knowledgeable and you could ask them anything and feel comfortable with it, they were really supportive and if you ever needed help you could just ask. For me the best part of the camp was spending the week with my heifer, gaining confidence with her and my ability to handle and show cattle, I look forward to the Melbourne show and continuing on with my lessons with Keith Dowsett. I would just like to thank the School and Jason Keays for giving me this amazing opportunity to complete this scholarship. This has be one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I have really enjoyed it.

Bianca Need

On the 6th of July I attended The Stud Beef Victoria Handlers Camp at the Bendigo Showgrounds. I took a beautiful Speckle Park heifer by the name of Cyndy to the camp. It was a great afternoon seeing everyone again from last year’s camp and catching up on things. Come show time I was starting to get pretty nervous but was keen to take her into the ring and show her off. Mind you it was her first show and Cyndy was absolutely perfect. The judge told me that she a gorgeous heifer, she just needed to fill out more. Overall she was great in the ring and I was confident to take her into the next show the next day. The judge then picked her top 4 handlers, with myself and Cyndy coming 4th. The judges words to me where "you handled your heifer perfectly, you didn't hold your nose dog to tight, you spoke to her, and you held your lead and halter brilliantly. Well done and what a gorgeous heifer."

The time I spent at the camp this year was such a great experience. The fact that Keith Dowsett came into school twice a week to help us with skills and tips was amazing, it boosted my confidence even more and also learnt a few new tricks. I met some new friends and made memories I'll never forget. The experience with my heifer this year so far through school has been incredibly awesome and I have enjoyed it so much.

Jazmine Anderson

The College is extremely proud of the attending students and look forward to continuing this great opportunity next year. These efforts could not have been achieved without the advice and assistance of Mr Matthew Fitzgerald, Mr Keith Dowestt and Mr Jason Keays, all who gave up their personal time to work with the students. The Scholarship now enters its second phase with preparations for the Royal Melbourne Show Cattle competitions.