Savio Campus News

Year 7 Music Program

The Year 7 music students for this semester now have their own instrument which they are taking to and from school and it was lovely to see so many enthusiastic year 7 students bringing them into school!

Students will be responsible for their instrument once they leave the music department and should be taking these to and from school to practice. When students bring them to school they should be in the music department in the morning in the allocated section for their class – this is particularly for students with the bigger instruments (trombones and trumpets), flutes and clarinets may be in school lockers if locked as they are small, but no instruments should be in corridors or left in classrooms.

Hume Council Graffiti Talk

On Friday 25 July the Year 8’s will have a presentation by the Council during their pastoral period.


Debating is well underway. Miss Breakey writes that our Savio team have been debating against older kids. “They have shown incredible determination and bravery. I’m really proud of all of them.”

Well done to: Nicole Brideson, Jakob Kauchi, Oliver Monaghan, Alexandra Cairney who stepped in at short notice and spoke in a Year 10 debate and Edith Spiers who got best speaker in a debate against Penleigh and Essendon Grammar. 


We had the SACCSS Futsal competition at the end of last term. The boys’ team were not particularly successful but the girls made it to the semi-finals where they lost to Saint Monica’s.

The boys to represent the College were: Ronan Coughlan, Daniel Misfud, Josh Dittmer, Jack O’Neill, Liam Jones, Joshua Cini, Jacob Simiele, Joseph McInerney, Stuart Simpson, Hayden Cutajar, Max Barker

The girls to represent the College were: Sharna Ford, Hannah McDermott, Shannon Horton, Lily Scanlon, Louise Georgiou, Michaela Mancuso, Michelle Grover, Bethany Azzopardi, Laura Ciantar

Premier League

Year 7 Premier League has come to an end. At our recent assembly we recognised the Best and Fairest Players and the Most Improved.

AFL Best and Fairest – Flynn Lakey and Jackson Cardillo

AFL Most Improved – Joshua Bowden  


Netball Best and Fairest – Malainey Clark

Netball Most Improved – Charlee Dean


Boys Volleyball Best and Fairest – Ben Whiting

Boys Volleyball Most Improved – Brandon Abdilla


Girls Volleyball Best and Fairest – Demi Young

Girls Volleyball Most Improved – Georgia Hutchison


Boys Soccer Best and Fairest – Matthew Campelj

Boys Soccer Most Improved - Jordan Rudge


Girls Soccer Best and Fairest – Hannah McDermott

Girls Soccer Most Improved – Ava Di Blasi


Boys Basketball Best and Fairest – Tyson Hamilton

Boys Basketball Most Improved – Karsten Sollorz


Girls Basketball Best and Fairest – Mackenzie Hayes

Girls Basketball Most Improved - Joanna Beard


Commendations were awarded to our Campus Captain Michaela Frantz. Michaela has been published in the book “The Text Generation.”

Ben Ryan who plays in the Under18 Mooney Valley Lawn Bowls team. This team won the Saturday Penant in the summer season. Ben has been playing for 4 years. We look forward to hearing more of Ben’s achievements in this sport.

High 5’s

99 students met the criteria for a High 5 Award at the end of Semester One which was a fantastic effort. Each student received an award and a movie voucher.

Top Academic Awards

There were some outstanding Semester One reports. In Year 7 the top academic results are:

Jasmine Jose with an average of 82%.

Madison Kleiner and Michelle Grover 82.5%.

Tom McDermott 82.7%.

Tahlia West 83%.

Alexandra Cairney 83.2%.

Jessica Evans 83.3%.

In third place with 85.8% was Taylah Cooke. In second place with 86.1% was Nikita Daicos.

The top student for Semester One in Year 7 was Benjamin Zarb with 86.5%.


In Year 8 the top academic results are:

Emily Floreani with an average of 81.7%

Tristan Andreula 81.8%.

Mia Dawson 82.2%.

Timothy Zarb 83.5%.

Isaac Alderton 83.6%.

Keara Fitzgerald 83.8%.

Michaela Frantz 84.4%.

In third place was Jakob Kaucki with 85%. In second place Jessica Clarke with 86.8%

The top academic student in Year 8 for Semester One with 89.8% is Edith Spiers.

Top Effort Awards

Effort awards are within reach of every student. It only requires a little more effort to improve in the areas of homework, organization, effort and behavior. Well done to those who consistently strive in these areas. The top score is 45.

In Year 7 the top work effort results are:

35 points - Madeline Hendy, Charlee Dean, Nikita Daicos, Abigail Chatman, Isabel Brown, Maxwell Bren-Clarke, Larah Bowering

On 36 points and third in Year 7 was Jaye Nalder.

On 38 points and coming equal first in Year 7 for Semester One Joseph Honner and Benjamin Zarb.


In Year 8 the Top Work Effort results are:

35 points - Jakob Kaucki, Olivia Harper, Olivia Cruickshank

36 points - Timothy Zarb, Edith Spiers, Olivia Halliday

On 37 points and second in Year 8 is Sharna Ford.

On 40 points and top in Year 8 for Semester One is Fiat Capule.

Reading Challenge

The Learning Centre has launched a new reading challenge. The aim is to read 250000 pages! We are well on our way and prizes have already been awarded to students for reading and reviewing their books.

Narelle Stone