Savio Campus News

Welcome back

It is lovely to see students returning and to hear about their exciting holiday destinations. As usual this term brings more hard work but hopefully some fun with our annual Production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and MADD Day, which are always highlights.


Goal setting and Homework

I hope students had a good look again at their Semester One report over the holidays and thought about the goals set at the end of the term with the Homeroom leader. I personally spoke with many parents and students about the need to be doing your best, meeting deadlines and asking for help if required. I do hope students will take on board the seriousness of these conversations and the necessity to develop good learning behaviours before they enter the rigors of their senior years at school.

I spoke to a number of students who are doing no homework and then wondering why they are not passing their subjects. Students are expected to do 15-20 minutes homework per subject per night plus 20 minutes reading. That is an hour to an hour and a half. If your child is not doing that then please contact their Homeroom leader. If your child needs help to use their diary or with organization then discuss this with them. Our Before and After School Homework Club is offered on a Wednesday if students need extra help with homework or assignments.


Narelle Stone

Savio Campus Director