Physical Education Enhancement Program

RMIT Physical Education Enhancement Program (Year 11)

On Tuesday 9th June thirty of our students came off a long weekend to attend a Physical Education Enhancement program at RMIT Bundoora Sports Science Laboratory. The third and fourth year physical education students at RMIT took our students through their paces. We were introduced to some of the latest technologies used in sport that collects real time data, how we can analyse the data and how this information can be used to plan an athlete’s individual training program. Students firstly wore a GPS (Global Positioning System) and radio heart rate monitor and played a game of soccer. We then returned to the classroom where the data was collected and we could see information about the students’ intensity, movement patterns, velocity and displacement. We then moved to a stadium where students completed a range of tests that used laser gates and force platforms. Ross Cautley nearly broke the RMIT 72cm record for the vertical jump with a measure of 70cm. However he had a little further to go to beat Nic Naitanui of the West Coast Eagles with a recorded jump of 78cm.

The students also completed an agility run, 20m sprint gate test and peak power test. We then moved to the laboratory for two VO2 Max tests (maximal oxygen consumption during exercise). One on a Bike which Ross completed and one on a treadmill where Corey Wright recorded a VO2 Max of 55ltrs per minute. It also calculated their CO2 production rate and maximal heart rate. Ross recording 211 max heart rate and Cory 205. This enhancement program put the theory into practice and students were delighted that they could not only see the theory at work, but experience it first-hand. A big thank you goes to RMIT Sport Science Department for an excellent excursion.