Learning Resources

Augmented Reality in the Library

Earlier this term the Library ran an Augmented Reality display for students.

Do you know what Augmented reality is?

Augmented reality is tipped to be one of the next big tech revolutions in Educational resources. Right now we are seeing it emerge strongly in the fields of advertising and architecture. It involves pointing a smartphone or tablet at an image, and unveiling the ‘hidden’ virtual content (e.g. animation, link, video).

We had 12 examples of augmented reality on show, including a virtualized anatomy display, which enabled students to turn different body systems on or off, a beating heart, chemical elements which could be virtually combined to create compounds in front of your eyes, interactive animals, roaming dinosaurs, sci-fi light beam instruments and much more. 

The event was such a success (roughly 250 student visitors during the single week) that we have decided to run it again soon.

Stay tuned for more about augmented reality, as it moves into the classroom soon!

The library has prepared class sets of human anatomy target images, for students to explore in science class.


Young Adult Crime fiction workshop in the library!


Year 7 and year 8 Boost Groups (plus a few other invitees from year 8 and 9) were treated to a crime writing workshop this week by highly acclaimed Australian author Ellie Marney.

The concept of linking essential parts of a crime plot were explored, including:

The crime
The perpetrator’s character
The victim’s character
The protagonist
The motivation of the protagonist, which links them to the victim and builds suspense.


The feedback from students was extremely positive. In particular, students appreciated how Ellie stayed back after the session to give half an hour of generous expert advice to anyone interested in getting their own work published one day. Her advice was to always have a ‘day job’ on the side (good advice!) for both financial reasons and because living is where the material comes from.


If you are interested in reading Ellie Marney’s ‘Every’ trilogy, we are now the proud owners of an autographed set.


These two workshops were fully funded by HUME City Council & Sunbury Library, and we hope to bring many other special visitors (including more authors) into the library.