Italy Trip

On the 21st of March this year 11 students and three staff departed on the Don Bosco Bicentennial Italy study tour. Students were engaged and amazed with the wonders that they saw. They developed the shills of resilience, collaboration and resourcefulness during their 17 day adventure.

Below are a few of their experiences.

Grace Latina

Languages and international Exchange Coordinator

In Italy we shared many stories and experiences since day 1. We grew closer together and all formed new relations. Our adventure began on day 1 in Milan where we stepped out of the plane and it was go go go. In Milan it was very country like then all of a sudden you were surrounded by a beautiful historical city. We first went past Sforza Castle which is massive and set in a big piazza. Amongst the piazza were gypsy's shoving us seeds to give to the birds in exchange for money and they wouldn't leave you alone until you paid up. We then hit the heart of Milan and visited the Duomo and went up and down the streets of the famous shopping. It's very different to what you expect, as you travel the outskirts it's small and the houses are very different and then you see beautiful buildings. It’s a different interpretation, you think a building is small and doesn't have much story however when inside they are massive and simply breathtaking. That night we were extremely tired and ended up practically falling asleep at dinner, too tired to even eat. We stayed there for the night and then off to Como the next morning.

When at Como, WOW a photo just can't give it justice. Como is simply beautiful. We walked around and everything was so peaceful and central. It wasn't too cold and the mist

Of the air was very refreshing. We boarded a ferry and it took about an hour and journeyed along the lake until we got to Lake Bellagio. On our way we past George Clooney’s holiday house and you were right across the border of Switzerland, with the mountains still containing snow on the top. Our days were filled with sightseeing, much walking and the occasional shop. It was only the first few days of our trip and the rest of the adventure was still waiting.

Nicola Mocciaro

When we arrived in Venice we hopped onto a "people mover" which was a quick ride to the middle of Venice. Then after we walked to our hotel and checked in, we went on a boat ride to Murano where the glass factory  was. We watched them make a glass horse and vase. After we went there we went for a walk where we came across a street with many shops where we went shopping for glass souvenirs to take home. The next day we went sightseeing as a group and walked through many lane ways. We walked around the market and brought some amazing masks as well as getting a gondola ride. I found that Venice was one of the most beautiful city's we went to.

Sarah Robinson


After Florence we travelled to Rome for our last four nights in Italy. Whilst in Rome we visited the colosseum, the trevi fountain which happened to be under construction, piazza Novana, the catacombs and many more famous sights. We even took a small trip to the city of Pisa to see the Leaning tower of Pisa, we even climbed all the way to the top with mr Hillas. On the last day of our trip we spent the morning in The Vatican City, attending Mass said by the Pope, in Latin. Despite sitting in the freezing cold rain for 4 hours all enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience. For Easter lunch that day we had a 6 course meal in a family restaurant just outside of the Vatican City. That evening we headed to the airport to start our 27 hour journey.

Ellie Nolan

Japan Study Tour 2015

Thank you to the eager students and parents who attending our information session on 18 June with regard to planning for the September study tour. We are certainly starting to feel that excited buzz! We are heading off to Japan!

Thank you too, to those parents who have finalised all payments. A reminder that the final instalment was due 19 June.


Over the holidays is a great opportunity to work through some of the things we raised, like a suitable homestay gift, extra t-shirts and socks, good walking shoes, good luggage options and karaoke practice!


Students should remember that from the first week back after holidays, they will need to attend Cultural Preparation Classes every Wednesday in C303.


Have an enjoyable holiday break and we’ll learn all about Japan together in Term 3. Mata ne!

Mrs Leah Shin

LOTE Teacher