Artist In Residence

The LAL: Arts Department News

We would like to acknowledge the effort of Claude Parissi in designing our new Arts logo, which will be featured on all our marketing and promotional material.

Artist in Residence

I would like to acknowledge the commitment and support of the College, in having our Artist in Residence, Stencil Artist Michael Duncan to complete a third mural designed by our students. This mural will be hanging near the current chapel in the staff courtyard.


Arts Competition

We held our first Salesian Arts Competition, which incorporated all year levels and engaged all students from across the College. The competition was a brilliant opportunity to showcase all of our talented students. We would like to acknowledge, all participates who entered, and they each received a certificate. But there can be only be one winner from each division.

Junior Division (Yr.7-9)

Winner: Angelika Flinn – Year 8


Runners-up: Cooper Collins – Year 8, James Doyle – Year 8


Senior Division (Yr.10-12)

Winner: Matthew Thomas- Year 11: - Picture from his book “ MAN VS NATURE”


Runners-up: “Psycho” Alethea Barclay-Hilton – Year 10, James Byrne – Year 11


Highly Commendable:

Year 7: Matthew Bruce, David Cipriani, Caleb Spiteri-Fenton, Ryan Walsh

Year 10: Troy Horton, Meikah Johns, Year 12: Huw Ward


Felicity Collins